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What is Digital India & What Are Its Nine Pillars?

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What is Digital India & What Are Its Nine Pillars?

Digital India

What is Digital India & What Are Its Nine Pillars?

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The Government of India begins a program known as “Digital India”. It was launched to digitally change the country into a certified society and knowledge economy.

What is Digital India?

  • Digital India is a program to develop India in a learning future. It is an Umbrella Program surrounded by numerous govt. Departments.
  • The focus is on IT reframing.
  • It aims to enable changes for making technology central.
  • The program blends together many ideas & thoughts into a single and complete vision. Due to this, each idea is seen as a feature of a bigger goal.
  • Each program element has its own stand. But also it is a component of the bigger picture.
  • It is implemented by the entire Government & coordinated by DeitY. The association of these two makes the mission transformative as a whole.

How Digital India Program is working?

  • It will jointly bring many recurring projects.
  • These projects will be re-focused and re-organized.
  • There are various program features that are in the process of improvement with minimal cost.
  • They will get implemented in a synchronized way.

What is the aim of the Digital India Program?

  • Bring cost clarity between the public and the Government.
  • Deliver scheme services in an electronic form to citizens.
  • Get connected with society in an electronic way.
  • Provide a much-needed gist to the growth areas of nine pillars.

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Digital India includes 9 pillars. They are as follows:

1. Broadband Highways

It includes three parts of broadband highways. They are:

  • Urban Broadband
  • Rural Broadband, and
  • National Information Infrastructure.

2. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity

This area includes an increase in mobile networks spread across the country. In addition, it includes the spread of connectivity to all uncovered villages.

3. Public Internet Access Program

In this program, it includes the setup of two segments. They are- Post Offices as multi-service centers and Common Service Centers.

There are total of 150,000 post offices that are offered to get converted into multi service centres. Under the program, the Department of Posts will be the nodal department. They will implement this scheme.

4. E-Governance: To Reform the Government via Technology

It contains the development and change of governance through digital knowledge.

The changes are in:

  • Simplify forms of application
  • Use of online media like Sales quotes software to get essential Government record services
  • Incorporate and manage services like UIDAI, Payment Gateway, Mobile Platform, etc.
  • To use records instead of paper-built guides and registers
  • Workflow automation within the Government
  • Protest Redressal via IT infrastructure

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5. E-Kranti

It includes 10 more missions that were given to NeGP. These missions are important to support the Digital India program. Some of these are:

  • Technology for Farmers
  • Technology for Financial Inclusion
  • Technology for Planning
  • E-Healthcare
  • Technology for Security
  • Technology for Justice
  • Technology for Cyber Security
  • E-Education

One of the features of Digital India is to strengthen the way of information for countries. It (informative way) will be strengthened with:

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  • Open basis programs and applications, and
  • Support of pen data stages.

6. Electronics Manufacturing

This program includes making of effort in the way of reaching zero imports in electronic devices. These items are VSATs and Set-Top Boxes. It also includes FABS, Mobiles, Consumer electronics, and many more.

The government supports the manufacturing of devices in many ways. These ways are tax sops, start-ups, groups, skill expansion, subsidies, etc.

7. IT for Jobs

It enables the individuals to train for IT sector jobs. The individual is the ones from smaller villages or cities.

8. Early Harvest Programs

This area includes many programs which are as follows:

  • Mass messaging apps and platforms to expand the Government program information
  • Biometric attendances in offices of Government
  • A national gateway for Lost and Found children
  • Wi-Fi in all universities
  • Wi-Fi spots for public
  • E-Books in place of books
  • SMS notification for disaster alerts
  • E-greetings in place of Government greetings, etc.

9. Information for All

The Government started the development of an open data platform. Furthermore, the platform offers data related to various projects to all common people. This is done through the internet platform (

The Government launched a website called It was established to receive suggestions and ideas from citizens.
The website also enables the citizens to get engaged over the online platforms. As a drive, the Government has plan to engage with the people of nation via social media.


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