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All About E-Sanad Portal

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All About E-Sanad Portal

All About E-Sanad Portal

All About E-Sanad Portal

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The Government of India has initiated many plans for Digital India. One of them was E-Sanad Portal.

Designed and developed by NIC, this platform is for the Foreign Nationals and Indians. They can use it to get the Apostille/ Attestation on a document. These either can be academic, personal or commercial documents. They must be available in the digital archive for verification.

The project application is done in a phased manner. It proposes to expand its services for Indians who are living out-side the nation. The system assures that the foreign employers get genuine documents verified in a digital way.

The portal started its confirmation service on 24th May 2017. It was with the CBSE archive that included the documents of 2014 and on-wards. Since then, numerous DIA’s have adopted its services.

Please note that DIA refers to the Document Issuing Authority. It is a Government agency that issues documents of identity.

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How does the portal work?

There are 4 tabs on the portal and their working are as follows:


A user will have to register themselves by clicking on the NEW USER tab.


An applicant will have to upload documents. They can be of any kinds like

  • Commercial,
  • Academic,
  • Personal, etc.


A user will have to make a payment of Rs. 50 for the Apostille of the document. This cost is as per the Ministry of External Affairs. There is no fee for normal confirmation.


The Ministry of External Affairs will attest/ apostille documents. It will be only after the concerned DIA confirmation. The applicant will receive the digital copy of the same by speed post.

What is an Apostille and what is its need?

An Apostille is a record that confirms the public documents’ source. It is given for the documents issued in one nation. A user can use it for the Apostille meeting and in some other countries. But, that country must be a part of the meeting.

An applicant will require an Apostille in the following facts:

  • The nation in which there is a usage of a document. Also, that nation is a team in the Apostille Convention.
  • The nation that issues document is party to the Apostille Convention
  • Public document taken as an issued document by the country law, and
  • The nation where there is a usage of documents requires Apostille. It is in use as an identity of foreign public documents.

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Please note that an Apostille is not in use for document recognition in the nation. It is used for public documents out-side the nation.


Q1. Which type of document can be verified?

E-Sanad portal verifies/ apostille any sort of documents such as academic, commercial, etc. It will verify the documents if they are accessible in the digital archive.

Q2. What is the application procedure of the project?

The NIC implements the project in a step-by-step manner. It is in coordination with States/ UTs, CBSE and MoEA. At first, only DIAs documents were taken for the confirmation.

Q3. How many offices extend this service at present?

There are five passport offices that operate the portal. Besides this, the CPV division, MoEA, New Delhi operates it for Attestation.

Q4. What is the fee for Apostille?

The MoEA charges Rs. 50/- each documents’ Apostille. A user is not required to pay for normal attestation.

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