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All about Jeevan Pramaan

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All about Jeevan Pramaan

Jeevan Pramaan

All about Jeevan Pramaan

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The pension is an important source of income for senior citizens after retirement. It aids them to look after their needs and provide support during emergencies. One of the major requirements of the pensioner was to get a life certificate. It helps them to get pension from the disbursing agencies like banks.

Earlier, the recipient had to present himself/herself in front of a disbursing agency to secure a life certificate. This process often became a hurdle for aged and sick pensioners.

To aid them, the Government of India introduced “Jeevan Pramaan.”

It is also known as Digital Life Certificate.

There are various Jeevan Pramaan authorized centers that are operated by

  • Leading banks
  • Government offices
  • Post offices, etc.

Let’s read all about Jeevan Pramaan.

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What is Jeevan Pramaan?

Jeevan Pramaan is a biometric-enabled digital service convenience for pension holders. The Pension holders of State and Central Government can take advantage of it. Any person who holds pension from Government institutions can also take benefits of Jeevan pramaan.

The pensioners can use Aadhaar-based biometric proof to generate the Jeevan Pramaan.

How does it work?

Life Certification Generation:

  • Install Life certificate mobile app and register yourself. You can visit the nearby Jeevan Pramaan Center.
  • Enter required information.

Aadhaar proof

  • Provide biometrics, either iris or fingerprint, and verify yourself.

Life certificate

  • After biometrics confirmation, SMS acknowledgement is sent to the registered mobile number. The SMS includes your Jeevan Pramaan Certificate ID.

Access your certificate

  • Download a PDF copy of your certificate. This will be done by providing the ID on the Jeevan Pramaan website.

Pension disbursing agency

  • The Pension disbursing agency can access and download the life certificate from the Jeevan Pramaan website.

Electronic delivery

  • The Pension disbursing agency can get the life certificate digitally. It doesn’t require any human involvement.

What are the components of Jeevan Pramaan?

The components of Jeevan Pramaan are-

1. The Pension Disbursing Agency(PDA)

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The PDA handles the digital life certificate of the pension holder. These agencies can register themselves on Jeevan Pramaan portal. Further they can access online life certificates.

2. The Pension Sanctioning Agency(PSA)

It is the agency which sanctions and approves the pension of any person. The pension is delivered to the specific account of the pensioner. This account is in the Pension Payment Order (PPO).

3. The pensioners

The pensioner uses an Aadhaar card for biometric proof. Further he/she can generate pension from the website.

What is the eligible criteria for Jeevan Pramaan?

The eligible criteria for Jeevan Pramaan are as follows-

  1. The one should be a pension holder.
  2. He/She should have a verified Aadhaar Number.
  3. The Pension Distribution Agency should have pensioners Aadhaar Number.
  4. He/She should be a retired Government employee. They can be from the
    • State Government,
    • Central Government or
    • Any other Government institution.

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What are the benefits of Jeevan Pramaan?

The benefits of Jeevan Pramaan are as follows-

  1. Easily submit a Digital life certificate.
  2. Aadhaar-enabled biometric confirmation.
  3. Generate certificate with an SMS delivered on pensioners mobile phone.
  4. Approval of pensioner before generating Digital Life Certificate.
  5. Monthly pension in pensions’ bank account.

How to find a Jeevan Pramaan centre?

You will need to follow some steps to locate a Jeevan Pramaan centre. These steps are:

  1. Visit Jeevan Pramaan portal on the web.
  2. Tap on “locate a centre”.
  3. The outcomes are shown on the screen with Google Maps.

Note: You can also search for a centre through “Pin code” or “ Location”.

What are steps to be followed for generating a Jeevan Pramaan Certificate?

The steps for generating Jeevan Pramaan Certificate are as follows-

  • Enter Pramaan ID & initialize the Jeevan Pramaan App.
  • Tap on generate Jeevan Pramaan tab.
  • Enter your mobile number and Aadhaar number on the space provided.
  • Click on the OTP button.
  • Fill the OTP received on your mobile number.
  • Put the required details like
    1. Type of pension
    2. Pensioner name
    3. Email ID
    4. Agency name, etc.
  • Tap on no objection button
  • Scan your fingerprints. The verification is done with Aadhaar data.
  • In the end, Jeevan Pramaan is displayed on the window.

Note: A confirmation message is sent on the pensioner mobile number. The message contains the ID of Jeevan Pramaan Certificate.


Q1. Is Jeevan Pramaan ID valid for lifetime?

No, the Jeevan Pramaan ID is not valid for lifetime. The validity is decided by the Pension Sanctioning Authority. Moreover, the pensioner will need a new Jeevan Pramaan ID if it expires.

Q2. Do I need to submit my life certificate to the bank or post office?

No, you don’t need to submit your life certificate to any Pension Disbursing Agency. As the agency can avail the certificates in a digital way.

Q3. Does the IT act acknowledge the Jeevan Pramaan Certificates?

Yes the IT act acknowledges the Jeevan Pramaan Certificate.

Q4. How can I find the nearby citizen service center?

  • Visit the official website of Jeevan Pramaan Certificate that is
  • Tap on the “locate a center” button.
  • Search for nearby citizen service centers as per pin code or location. Moreover, you can search by selecting your residence state and district.


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