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All about Less-Cash Township Model

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All about Less-Cash Township Model

All about Less-Cash Township Model

All about Less-Cash Township Model

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The digital revolution has shown an impact on everything. It has changed the business model & society as a whole. This revolution has brought private benefits. It has enabled people to have easier information. They can have free digital products, etc.

Digital technologies have progressed in a fast way than any innovation. In two decades, it has reached around 50 % of the globe’s population. It has changed societies by improving their access to the public services. The people can have the trade services too.

India has the most cash-promoted economy in the world. It has a cash-to-GDP ratio of 12%. This percentage is four times that of markets like

  • South Africa,
  • Mexico,
  • Brazil, etc.

Cash has brought a barrier to financial inclusion. There was a need to promote financial inclusion and economic growth. The Government of India came up with a program called,

“Less-cash Township”.

It was under the “DIGITAL INDIA” flagship programme. This program has a tagline “Digital Apnao Vyapar Badhao”.

The less-cash township was launched in Nagpur a decade back. The GNFC developed the design of a less-cash township. It was given in 81 townships over 12 states. These states were under the support of NITI AAYOG.


GNFC stands for Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemical Ltd. It is a joint sector enterprise set up in Baruch, Gujarat. The Gujarat Government and GSFC help the GNFC.

The GSFC stands for Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemical Limited. It is an industrial and fertilizer products producing company.

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What is the criteria for selection of cashless townships?

The selection of townships is on the basis of third party assessment. It is done by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC).

The criteria to qualify as less-cash townships are-

  • The towns must complete their arrangement of a payment acceptance framework.
  • The training projects will cover all the township families.
  • The towns must have done more than 80% of total transactions through digital payment mode.


PWC is the world’s most prestigious accounting firm. It provides:

  • Accounting,
  • Auditing and
  • Assurance services to people and institutions.

How many less-cash townships are included under the program?

The GNFC chose 81 townships across 12 states from over all India. It includes 56 from Gujarat and 11 from other states. These states were

  • Delhi,
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Bihar
  • Madhya Pradesh

These 81 townships belong to Central Public Sector Companies. These companies were such as

  • Indian oil
  • SAIL
  • NMDC
  • BSF
  • ONGC
  • CRPF
  • BHEL, &
  • Police Lines.

The model includes private sector townships.

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What were the benefits of less cash township?

The model provided the following benefits-

  • Consumers get comfort and safety to make transactions.
  • Merchants can have
    1. Decreased costs
    2. Higher average sales, &
    3. Connection to a higher customer base.
  • Addition of finance in the formal economy. It will be with more businesses & customers.
  • Building new revenue streams with mobile and online transactions.
  • Generation of Government revenue through Tax.
  • 5 % growth in cashless transactions saves India’s Rs. 500 crore on an annual basis.

What was the significance of less-cash township?

The PWC conducted a study on GNFC’s cashless initiative. It recognized the following benefits of the less cash program:

  1. Adoption of cashless as a lifestyle
  2. Women empowerment
  3. Results in financial addition
  4. Raise socialism
  5. Easy to make transactions and
  6. Better control of parents over child’s expenses
  7. Farmers benefits were-
    • Saved cost on farming products
    • Discounts on cashless transactions
    • Better money management.

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What is the CAIT’s role to improve acceptance of Digital Payments?

The Confederation of All India Traders is an apex body in India. It is set up at the national level for the trading community. The CAIT aims to handle problems of traders. It provides effective service to them.

The body has organized more than 100 training workshops in 2015. It added a “Train the Trainers” workshop which was highly successful. It reached out to more than 10,000 traders.

The CAIT & Mastercard has launched a national program in 2021. It was “Digital Gyaan se Vyapaar Nirmaan”. The program targeted 1 crore Indian merchants to give them digital skills by the end of 2022. This initiative enabled access to digital learning for

  • Women business
  • SME’s, &
  • Small business owners.

The access is given in remote areas over 300 cities. In the program, they will set up physical and virtual knowledge sessions. These sessions will focus on the essential topics for traders.


Digital payment has changed the way to make transactions. It has bought more businesses and consumers into the formal economy. This system has encouraged a shift from cash to cashless India.

A cashless economy is termed as a flow of currency by using electronic ways. These ways can be

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • E-wallet
  • Mobile banking
  • Internet Banking, etc.

This system avoids the use of natural things like paper.

The less cash township program has helped to make a shift in the economy. It is because of the “Digital Trend” that is working as a driving factor. This program has increased the use of mobile, the rise of internet speed, etc. These factors are driving the trend of cashless in India.

The Less cash township initiative aims to have an economy free from cash. It is an effort of the Government of India to promote PM Modi’s vision of less cash India. This program is spread in 12 states.

In 2017, the GNFC’s township at Baruch, Gujarat became 100% cashless township in India.

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