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All About Mobile Passport Seva Application

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All About Mobile Passport Seva Application

Mobile Passport Seva Application

All About Mobile Passport Seva Application

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What is a passport? A passport is an official travel document issued by the Government of India. It contains the identity of a person. This document enables the holder to travel foreign countries. They can access consular assistance abroad.

In India, many people from rural areas have to visit cities to obtain passport service. They have to wait in long rows to submit their documents. Even the people of urban areas face trouble applying for passports because of their busy schedules.

Taking all these things into account, the Government of India set up a program. They established a “Passport Seva Project” in May 2010. This project was with Tata Consultancy Services. It was set up in a Public-Private Partnership mode.

To provide more support to urban and rural people, The Ministry of External Affairs launched an app on 26th June 2018. It was the “M-Passport Seva app”. The goal of the app was to give access to all people with passport services on their smartphones.

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What is the M-Passport Seva App?

It is an easy to use & lightweight app. The app provides all the services available on the Passport Seva portal. It enables the people to get passport related information at any time & any place.

How many kinds of passports are issued in India?

Three kinds of passports are issued in India. They are-

1. Diplomatic Passport

It is a type of passport issued to certain members of Government, national legislation, etc,. This passport is also given to persons authorized by the Government of India. The diplomatic passport is issued to a person with a maroon cover.

2. Ordinary Passport

The ordinal passport is issued to a person for ordinary business travel or vacation. This passport is authentic for 10 years from the issue date. It can be recovered after the expiry date. If you have applied for the ordinal passport, you will receive it with a blue cover.

3. Official Passport

The official passport is given to the person that is selected by the Government. It is issued to him/her for the abroad Government business. If an applicant applies for an official passport, He/She will receive it with Gray cover.

What are the numerous services accessible in passports?

The numerous passport services are-

1. Re-issue of Passport

You will have to apply for re-issue of passport in the following cases-

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  • Validity expires within one year
  • Pages exhaustion
  • Changes in details mentioned in the passport
  • Damaged passport
  • Validity expired 3 years ago
  • Lost passport.

2. Issue of Fresh Passport

If you are the new applicant, you will have to apply for a fresh passport. The document list is given on the website.

Note:  The applicant can apply for an ordinary passport, if He/She still holds a diplomatic/ official passport. They will need to click on “Fresh Passport” for application.

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3. Other Services

  • Identity Certificate: 

The Tibetan Refugees are issued with Identity Certificates. They are living in India as a stateless person.

  • LoC permit:

Line of Control permits are issued by the Passport office at Jammu & Kashmir. It is for UTs residents of Jammu and Kashmir & Ladakh. This permit enables them to visit their relatives for a valid reason who reside on the other side of LoC.

  • Surrender certificate:

The SC is issued to the applicant who surrenders their passport at the passport office. It is for the renunciation of Indian citizenship & taking foreign citizenship.

  • Background verification for GEP:

The applicant’s background is verified, if He/She is enrolled with the U.S. CBC Global Entry Program.

  • Issue of Police Clearance Certificate:

The PC certificate is issued to the people who have applied for

  1. Long term visa,
  2. Immigration, etc.
  • What are the features of M-Passport Seva?

The features of M-Passport Seva app are-

Document Advisor

The document advisor aids you to know what documents are needed with the application. These documents should be carried to the passport office for proof.

Fee calculator

This feature helps you to calculate the fee. It is on the basis of service & submission mode.

Status tracker

The status tracker helps you to track passport status. For this, you will need to fill up the date of birth & file number in the app. It also facilitates you to review the delivery status.

How can you apply for a passport through this app?

Before Registration

  • Install the M-Passport app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the app & “New User Register”
  • Fill up all the particulars mentioned in the app.
  • Provide unique login ID & password.
  • Enter captcha code & tap on “Submit” button.
  • A confirmation link is sent on the email.
  • Get on the link and your account will be authenticated.

After Registration

  • Open the app & click on “Existing user”.
  • Put login ID, Password & captcha code.
  • Tap on the “Apply For Fresh Passport” button.
  • Step by step fill up the form.
  • Make fee payment.
  • Fix the appointment date for document proof.

How to track applications through the M-Passport Seva app?

You can smoothly track the application status of a new user. Click on “Status Tracker” on the app. Select the “Application Status” button. Provide file number and date of birth & click on “Track”. You will get all details of your application.

What are the numerous facilities offered by the M-Passport Seva app?

The numerous facilities offered by the m-Passport Seva app are-

  • Register, apply, pay & schedule an appointment for passport services.
  • Have information on “How to acquire passport related services”.
  • Contact information in case of any concern or query.
  • Search District Passport Cell or Passport Seva Kendra.
  • Search for police stations (only applicable in certain States & Districts).


Now-a-days, applying for passports is a less difficult process than it was a decade back. The form filling, scheduling appointments, etc., has become easy. Thanks to the Indian Government. They launched the M-Passport seva app.

The app doesn’t require access to a computer & or printer for passport services. It provides you all the services at one platform.


Q1. What are the benefits provided to Senior Citizens while issuing passports?

The senior citizens get a discount of 10 percent on the passport fee. It is for all senior citizens applying as fresh applicants. A special token is provided to them at PSK/ POPSK to speed up the process.

Q2. Can an applicant apply for an Indian passport, if He/She is not born in India?

The applicant born to Indian parents outside India can receive an Indian passport. It is imposed on the fulfillment of provisions in the act of citizenship, 1955.

Q3. What is the validity of the passport?

Passports are valid for 10 years & can be reissued for 18 above citizens. But for minors, the passport is authentic for 5 years or till the applicant completes 18 years.

Q4. Does the citizen need to submit any additional documents, if the surname gets changed?

No, additional documents are required for female applicants, if the surname has changed. You can look at the documents list from “Document Advisor”.


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