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All About PRAGATI Platform

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All About PRAGATI Platform

PRAGATI Platform

All About PRAGATI Platform

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The Government of India (GOI) has set up numerous schemes. All of them were introduced to support citizens of India. But these schemes lacked proper application and review of the development.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narender Modi, launched a platform to support the schemes. It was called “PRAGATI”. The platform came into force on 25th March 2015.

PRAGATI stands for Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation. It is an interactive and integrated platform.

The PM had a discussion on the issues related to public complaints and Swachh Bharat. It was done During the first interaction on the PRAGATI platform. He discussed project application, ease of doing business and much more. The interaction was carried for two hours.

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Let’s read all about the PRAGATI platform.

What is the PRAGATI platform?

The PRAGATI is defined as a multi-modal and multi-purpose platform. It aims to address common people’s complaints. The platform monitors and reviews significant projects and programmes of the GOI. It also revise the projects marked by State Governments.

This platform is combined with three latest technologies that are-

  • Video-conferencing
  • Digital data management, and
  • Geo-spatial technology.

It provides a unique combination for cooperative federalism. This is done by bringing Chief Secretaries of the states and Secretaries of GOI on one platform.

The PM can discuss the issues on the ground level situation with this platform. He can communicate to concerned State and Central officials with full info. Besides this, he can have the latest visuals of the info. on the screen.

Main features of PRAGATI platform

The main features of PRAGATI platform are as follows-

  • It works on a three-tier system.
  • The Prime Minister will conduct a meeting every month. He will interact with secretaries and chief secretaries of GOI via video conferencing.
  • The PM will address the issues available from database related to
    1. Pending projects,
    2. Programmes that are going on, and
    3. Public grievances.
  • PRAGATI will provide a platform and an interface for the above aspects.
  • The platform will consider numerous letters written to the PM. These letters can be of-
    1. Common people,
    2. Public projects,
    3. States’ high officers, etc.
  • Flag mark issues will be uploaded on the third Wednesday of every month.
  • The Chief and Union Government (UG) Secretaries can view these issues. They can only do it after applying on the platform.
  • The User ID & Password are created and available for every Chief and Union Government Secretaries.
  • These secretaries can view the issues related to their State or Department.
  • The UG and Chief secretaries have to put comments. It should be within three days about the marked issues.
  • The PMO team will review the info on Tuesday entered by Chief and UG secretaries.
  • The design of the platform enables the PM to have a review and latest update on that issue on one screen. It will include a visual image of that issue.

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What were the issues discussed under PRAGATI?

The issues discussed under PRAGATI are as follows-

  • There were two sets of public complaints. They were related to the Income Tax refunds and EPF payment. Both the issues were made by more than 20 people. The issue was solved over the platform and assured that they will not be raised in the future.
  • The State Governments marked the two issues on the platform. Uttar Pradesh’s issue was for the National Highways. Maharashtra had an issue with approval for Navi Mumbai Airport.
  • The progress of school toilets and issues related to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan were considered under the platform.

The PRAGATI platform gave permission for many schemes and programs of the State and Central Government. They were pending for approval. The PRAGATI platform solved many issues.


PM chaired the 40th PRAGATI meeting On 25.05.2022. He discussed various programmes and projects via video conference. The PM has assisted all stake-holders to stand by the project’s timeline. This will help in avoiding excess spend of cost.

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The platform boosts the pending projects and schemes of the Government. It brings transparency and duty among key stake-holders.

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