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All About Registration for CSC RAP Insurance

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All About Registration for CSC RAP Insurance

Registration for CSC RAP Insurance

All About Registration for CSC RAP Insurance

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The history of insurance is apparently as old as the story of mankind. It supports in the case of any natural disaster. With the help of insurance, we can cope with the effect of flood, fire, and loss of life.

No doubt, it’s the best feeling to know that you and your family are financially secure from an unexpected situation. Thus, we need proper insurance to save hard-earned money.

CSC RAP Insurance


Today we’ll discuss one such Insurance which is Registration for CSC RAP Insurance. CSC stands for Common Service Centre. Those who don’t have knowledge about CSC Scheme must read our previous blogs.

What is RAP?

RAP stands for Rural Authorised Person (RAP). They are those individuals in rural area who has a license to negotiate for insurance. They deal with clients on behalf of insurance companies.

Any VLE can become a RAP. But they need to complete their training and pass in RAP exam.

What is RAP


NIELIT conducts this exam. With the help of the APNA CSC portal, A RAP can sell insurance products.

RAP: Rural Authorized Person
VLE: Village-Level Entrepreneur
NIELIT: National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology

What are the Benefits of becoming a RAP?

The idea behind the establishment of a body like RAP is to help rural people. Some benefits of becoming a RAP are as follows:

  • The licence can be obtained online without difficulty.
  • VLE can sell both General and Life Insurance products.
  • RAP can grab instant commission by selling products.
  • Over-the-counter policy issuance.
  • RAP can access many companies under a single portal.
  • The current agents from the insurance companies can get RAP licences.
becoming a RAP

How to Register in CSC?

  • Visit the website
  • From the dropdown box, click on the RAP.
  • Select Registration.
  • A page will open on the screen. Write your Name. Type the password and enter the captcha.
  • Then Sign-in.
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How can a VLE become a Licensed RAP?

  • Enrol for the ‘Insurance RAP Training’ at For the process of registration, you need copies of your Photo ID proof, PAN Card, education proof, and address proof.
  • Using the registration number that you received, pay a fee of ₹350/- for examination and license.

Note: It takes one week to get the RAP password and username from the registration date. In case a VLE misses/ doesn’t clear their exam then they have to pay for the forthcoming exam(s). They can make their payment by e-wallet.

  • VLE can get their Login and password for RAP training from Team Insurance, CSC SPV.
  • The VLE needs to complete pre-licensing education and online modules of examinations. Once you completed online modules, a certificate will be issued. Applicants can access training assessments and modules with the help of Chrome Browser.
  • Once the modules and assessments are completed, VLE has to be present in an online examination. Applicants can give exams from their comfort (from any centre or home). It totally depends on their choice and flexibility. They only need to have access to the internet and the web camera.

Key Features of Examination

Before applying for the examination of RAP, you should know the guidelines. Here are the key features of RAP’s exam:

1. No Need to Wait for The Exam

The applicant doesn’t need to wait for their exams in terms of month or year. The exam is conducted on time.

2. Exam Link Activation

The Applicant can check any update on the exam link. The exam link is active only on working days (Monday to Friday). The time to check the exam link during working days is 10 AM- 4 PM.

How to Appear for RAP Insurance Exam?

  • Open the link and click “Online Insurance Exam”.
  • Enter your CSC ID and registration number. After that, enter the captcha code. The exam page will display on your screen.
  • Take your picture using the web camera and submit it.
  • Show your photo ID in front of the webcam. Also, click the snapshot of it for verification.
  • VLE will get the score after submitting the exam paper.
  • You need 35 per cent to pass the exam. The candidates will receive a score report with a ‘Pass’ if they pass the exam. There will be no numeric score on the report. In case the candidates fail an exam, he/she will receive a score that reads ‘Fail’.
Appear for RAP Insurance Exam

Help Desk

If you have any queries or you’re facing any difficulty, please contact 180030003468, or

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