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Application Procedure at MeeSeva Centre

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Application Procedure at MeeSeva Centre

Application Procedure at MeeSeva Centre

Application Procedure at MeeSeva Centre

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MeeSeva is an online portal of the Telangana Government that covers the whole range of G2C and G2B services. The MeeSeva website is created to provide essential documents like Aadhaar Cards, Passports, Voter ID Cards, and land records. The most amazing part of this portal is that you’ll get all your documents while sitting at home. You don’t have to visit the centre for any kind of service.

What is MeeSeva?

MeeSeva is an integrated data service portal. It means “At your service”. The aim of this portal is to provide citizen-centred, legal, intelligent, and technology-based government. This portal increase the accountability and openness of government works.

Different Types of Applications Under MeeSeva Centre

MeeSeva offers a lot of services. It provides you with essential services like Aadhaar Cards, bill payments and advance services like birth and death registers, and registration of farmers with the State Agriculture Department. Some of the services that MeeSeva offers are:

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Provisional Application for Freshwater Aquaculture Farm Registration

Many of you might have heard about Aquaculture. It is also known as Aqua farming in which aquatic organisms such as fish, plants, molluscs, etc. are farmed.

You can apply for registration for the farm through MeeSeva under the Fisheries Department.

Provisional Application

CROP Insurance Request in MeeSeva

A farmer can apply for crop insurance requests through MeeSeva centres. The MAO (Mandal Agriculture Officer) receives and processes these requests.

CROP Insurance

Procedure for Processing the Request at MAO

Procedure for Processing
  • From the application, select “Crop Insurance Request”.
  • MAO window will be displayed in front of you.
  • Fill in options “From date” and “To date”.
  • Select request status from the dropdown list.
  • Hit the “Get Details” button to display the request.
  • The screen will show “Not viewed” requests.
  • Choose the point that needs to be handled.
  • After that, the request details page will be shown.
  • From the “Document attached” option, download all the attached documents.
  • MAO will take action now. Your request can be rejected or accepted.

If you need some more information, kindly check this link.

Farm Mechanization Application Form

Farm Mechanization means the development and use of machines instead of animal and human power in the process of agriculture. It improves farm tools and equipment. In Andhra Pradesh, the spread of farm mechanization is not even. The majority of the problems related to farm mechanization can be handled through MeeSeva Centres. You can file applications related to farm mechanisation through this portal. The application is handled by the respective Departments.

Farm Mechanization

To know more, check this link.

Encumbrance Certificate Application Form

Encumbrance Certificates means a crucial document used as proof of title of a property. This document is necessary at the time of selling or purchasing land. It is also needed when applying for a home loan or any kind of loan against property. This document is vital to confirm that particular property is free from legal liabilities or economic.

You can apply for an encumbrance certificate via MeeSeva centres. This request is accessed and processed by the SRO.

To know the process for applying to MeeSeva, check this link.

Online ITC Policy Sanction of Incentives System

ITC-related requests can also be applied through MeeSeva. The complaint is received and handled by the concerned department.

This service is mainly used by those citizens who are entrepreneurs. This policy is for online IT sectors.

Online ITC Policy Sanction of Incentives System have three steps process:

  • Step 1: User ID Creation
  • Step 2: Company Profile Creation
  • Step 3: Incentive Application Filing
GST Suvidha Kendra

Need for Registration

  1. Across the geographic, customers can access the services 24/7.
  2. You can log in directly. You can raise a request without going to the department or any kiosk centres.
  3. Customers can see the request’s status.
  4. With your Debit/Credit Cards, you can securely make your payment.
  5. It makes the work easy and accessible to all entrepreneurs.

For more details, check this link.

Money Lending Request Application Form

You can apply for a money lending request via MeeSeva centres. The citizen’s request is accessed and processed by the concerned department.

Here is the form of application for a money lending License.

Pawn Broker Application Procedure

You might have borrowed money your whole life. In some areas, people borrow and lend money.

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A pawnbroker is a person or a body-like shop that provides loans to people in a legal way. To offer loans pawnbrokers consider items like personal property as loan repayment.

You can apply for a pawnbroker request through the MeeSeva app. The related department will handle the application for pawnbrokers.

Here is the method of filing a complaint. Check this link.

GAS Connection (LPG) in MeeSeva

LPG gas is important for cooking whether in domestic or non-domestic areas. MeeSeva introduced New Connection for LPG Gas Service to the citizen. It comes under the Civil Supplies Department. According to the LPG control order, only 1 LPG connection is allowed in each household.

  • Types of Gas Connection Application

There are different types of gas connection applications and they are:

  1. New Gas Connection Request
  2. NGC Register or Reject Request
  3. NGC Allotted Intimation Process Report
  4. NGC Reject after Allotment Request Details
  5. NGC Consumer Number Allotted Request Details
  • To Request for New Gas Connection

If you select the New Gas Connection link, a dealer can see and print the list of requests from various kiosks.

  • To Reject Request or Register
  1. After verifying the request details, the dealer may register or cancel the New Gas Connection application.
  2. In case your request is registered, the dealer will allow the registration number.
  3. In case your request is cancelled, an SMS of cancellation is sent to the customer with a valid reason.

For more queries, check this link.


The Meeseva portal was formed to provide full support to the citizen of Andhra Pradesh. This portal has made various activities like requesting any kind of application and documents easy. This blog has tried to help you with all the details related to filing requests for a certain type of application. Also, we have shared a link so that you can see the full step of filing a request.

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