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Biotech Kisan scheme

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Biotech Kisan scheme

Biotech Kisan scheme

Biotech Kisan scheme

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Biotech Kisan scheme stands for biotech Krishi Innovation Science Application Network. This belongs to the biotechnology department. Government such as the ministry of science and technology take initiative to motivate farmers. This scheme is very beneficial for women farmers or to Empower Women farmers. The main purpose to initiate this scheme is to resolve various type of problem that has been faced by our farmers. This problem all related to water soil seed after this scheme farmers will get a simple solution to overcome with various types of problems.

Especially in this scheme has been developed to initiate only for farmers to empower women farmers, impact locally and connect globally with the help of Pan India.

What are the objectives and scope of coverage biotech Kisan Scheme?

There are various types of objectives and scopes to cover inside biotech Kisan scheme or Biotech Krishi Innovation Science Application Network. This scheme has been implemented overall in 15agro climates zones in India. Which cover these objectives which are given below.

  • With the help of this scheme connecting farmers with the latest technology which are very beneficial to do farming.
  • First of all which type of problem that has been faced by the farmer is going to be understood with the help of the scheme after that solution to that problem will be provided.
  • Creating a common work platform for scientists and farmers. The main reason behind that to improve all the bad conditions of small marginal farmers. To work in this condition on the common platform will positively show the result to improve the productivity of agriculture.

What are the silent features of the biotech Kisan scheme?

  • For farmers- this biotech Krishi Innovation Application Network Scheme that has been launched by the department of biotechnology. With the help of this scheme scientists and farmers will provide a Common type of platform to understand problems and find their solution without any intermediate.
  • By farmers- it is a kind of consultation to the farmers which has been provided by the scientist of our country. No matter farmers face problem-related to soil water seed and market, these all solutions will be provided by our scientists. With the help of this scheme ministry of science and technology start linking all small marginal farmers to our scientists and science institution throughout the country.
  • Empower women- many times women farmers I am going to be neglect or many women farmers feel hesitant to describe their issues or problem. These issues and concerns related to improving seed quality, how to handle live stocks and also showing wisdom to calculate the current and accurate best price for their crops. Especially at the time of live stocks decrease suddenly.
  • Connects globally- with the help of this scheme and all farmers will connect globally and after that, they will get the best training workshop which going to health in the country. Equal partnership on a common platform is going to see between farmers and scientists.
  • Impact locally- the main motto of this scheme is the built-in code communication between farmers and scientists so scientist will spend their most of the time on the farms so that they directly connect with the soil water seeds and the market. This will directly help to resolve individual farmer problems and able to provide the best solution on the spot.
  • Across India- with the help of cross India old farmers and scientists win going to connect in 15 agro climate zones of the country. Which directly provide all type of solution constantly off all problems.
  • Hubs and spoke- in all these 15 regions farmers will be able to connect themself with an old different type of science labs, these labs are present in Krishi Vigyan Kendra and state agricultural universities.
  • Farmers as innovators- All these hubs contain a tinkering lab, communication cell and training sessions, awareness, workshops.
  • Communicating best practices- there will be continuous connectivity between farmers and scientists with the help of local TV station programs and social media.

Components of the program
This complete scheme will provide support of the following three main components which are given below.

  • The Hub
  • Partnering institutes
  • Research project
  • International training

The Hub- as we know that biotech Krishi innovation science application network has been established by the department of biology under the ministry of science and technology of our government. The network of biotech Kisan scheme has been spread over 15 agro climate zones. The main purpose of this scheme is to act as a facilitator or a consultant. All 15 hubs must create a strong connection between top-quality scientific institutions /state agriculture universities / Krishi Vigyan Kendra/ all existence state agriculture extension services/ complete government it and all farmers organization which comes under these 15 agro climate zones. Biotech Kisan must have a tinkering laboratory. According to the financial government provide 60 lakh rupees per year. This financial assistance is given for two years based on to endure the harm will provide a review for additional 3 years.

Partnering institutes:- Those institutes going to make a partnership with this organisation then the institute will include these things which are given below.

  • Institute must have a training program space and space for laboratories of scientific research.
  • Training programs will be conducted by the scientist. The scientist must be having owners in agriculture education.
  • All institutions will get only 50000 rupees per year. In this financial amount, the institute must do all activities which are given in the scheme procedure.

Research projects- if any scientist found a solution to a problem that required a larger financial amount. Now scientist must submit their project proposal report phone additional funding. That project report must be submitted by the committee after that additional funding will be approved.

Internal training:- short term training program must be started by DBT. In presence of international organisations/ universities, that farmers will expose and do practically the global farming management and practices. The current university is which are going to show their collaboration between short term training programs these are Cambridge University, UK; Wageningen University, the Netherlands apart from that many universities are going to be added.

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