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Demand for extending the due date of TDS and GST

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Demand for extending the due date of TDS and GST

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Due to the lockdown, the Federation of Surat Textile Traders Association has demanded the Government of India to increase the due date of TDS and GST of March 2020.  In a letter sent to the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and others, the Executive General Secretary of Fosta Champalal Bothra said that due to the lockdown being extended till May 3, it is not possible to pay the TDS and GST of March till 30th April and 5th May.  In such a situation, traders should be given relief by increasing the due date of TDS and GST.

Service activity continues here

During the lockdown, service organizations continue to cooperate to provide food and other essentials to the needy people.  The service activity is active in the Naturevalli Society of Kumbharia village.  In this, the order for the cooperation of Surat Manav Seva Sangh devotees from all the houses of the society, from five houses, continues from March 30.  Apart from this, the food packets prepared in the society are also being distributed among the needy people of Kododara, Vareli region by Bhomeshwar Mishra, Mahendra Maharishi, Ashish Mishra, Sundarlal, Balakishan, Mahesh Dargad, etc. of the society.

On behalf of the Sudarshan Vidyalaya family, food, masks, ration items, etc. are being distributed to the needy people in the Godadara area.  On this occasion, an oath of cleanliness was administered by the trustees of the school to the people present with social distance.

On the other hand, during the lockdown of Vaishakh’s hot Dupahri, some youths also gave them cold lassi on Friday to dampen the throat of the policemen and TRB jawans who were on duty.  It included Viresh Tarsaria and other youth

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