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Ground Water Irrigation scheme

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Ground Water Irrigation scheme

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana

Ground Water Irrigation scheme

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Ground Water Irrigation scheme is also known as Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY). These are the groundwater resources, and it is completely implemented by the ministry of water resources. Under Ground Water Irrigation scheme these project comes such as river development and Ganga Rejuvenation (MoWR, RD&GD). Now let’s discuss in brief about Ground Water Irrigation scheme.

Creation of irrigation potential through groundwater
The creation of irrigation potential with groundwater is directly proportional to the underlying aquifers yield potential. According to this scheme if any person wants to construction for groundwater then according to the area state central agencies are involved in the groundwater development project.
Few points given below that must consider during a groundwater development project.

  • This scheme does not apply to particular areas which come under this category such as classified as over-exploited, critical, and semi-critical areas. After that, those areas left or does not lie in I above category then they have some different eligibility criteria.
  • There are real areas left out which are not classified into any category then this scheme depends upon the different type of criteria and guidelines given by the government.
  • Groundwater development can be carried out the different type of methods such as
    • Dug wells
    • Dug Cum Borewells
  • Before groundwater well is going to be implemented on the area person must take help from the state and central government for that particular area. They will justify the suitability of water with the help of hydro-geological setup and water aquifers.
  • The government will provide a cluster proposal for the solar pump so that users can use at least 25% of the electricity from the solar pump rest 75% electricity. And this is useful for those areas where electricity cannot be sufficient for cultivation.
  • All state agencies amazing climbing regarding groundwater irrigation scheme to execute all type of proposal that has been derived by the consolation with state groundwater department.
  • Reduce the failure of architecting groundwater well without water the government applied geophysical and hydrogeological investigation.

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What is the Eligibility Criteria for Ground Water Irrigation Scheme?
This is the basic point that we are going to discuss the eligibility criteria of the Ground Water irrigation scheme. Any person wants to dig a well then they must know that are they eligible for this government scheme that has been launched. So let’s discuss complete eligibility criteria read it carefully.

  • More than 60 percent of resources are developed according to technology and take groundwater irrigation to the next level.
  • Restoration water into the ground there will be a minimum 750mm rainwater every year.
  • At the time of pre-monsoon check the water level at least in 15 meters of the area at well to be dig. Stage of groundwater development (SOD) in any area to be planed in such a way that it should not exceed more than 70% at each time. As above we discuss that if those areas not come under these criteria those have different guidelines. These depend upon the state and central government rules.
  • There are some different rules and regulations for small and marginal farmers and provide different priorities for SC/ST and women farmers.
  • Ground Water Irrigation scheme can be applied for all farmers, groups of farmers, and many more.

How much cost does the scheme integrates

  • From the central government, there are no rates defined for respective state govt. The rates are confined on the basis of four parts:-
    1. Length of water supply pipe up to 200m
    2. Cost of the solar or electrical pump.
    3. Investigation cost for site
    4. Construction of removing groundwater.
  • The data given below is the largest cost average received from certain states:

Water Irrigation

  • If the cost exceeds the largest norms then the state government will absorb the funds from their own budgetary fund.
  • The resources would be made on either Government land or on the place where there is a recipient/farmer. After acquiring the deal of the recipient/farmer for imparting the resource for WUA, the cost of land will not be financed under the scheme.

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Important points in the creation of groundwater development

To plan the irrigation of groundwater depends upon the potential of land and water level.As soon as state/ central level agencies provide the data regarding the area, then only the construction of groundwater wells begins.

Below are the important points while planning:

  • The planning should not include over-used, underused or semi-used areas. Also, the unclassified areas should be taken into consideration and mentioned in the guidelines.
  • In the hard rock area, groundwater development should be tried through dug cum bore wells and dug wells shallow tapping areas.
  • To lift the water, the well should have a solar or electric pump. In the provision, 75% electric and 25% solar pumps are taken into consideration. Also, the solar pump depends upon the difficulty areas.
  • The state govt or agencies must encourage a well-planned water management and conservation system.
  • The proper site investigation should be carried out to reduce the failure of wells.
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