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How Does Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna Benefits Farmers?

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How Does Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna Benefits Farmers?

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna

How Does Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna Benefits Farmers?

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The National Development Council is a statutory body. In the agriculture area, they saw a slow growth rate. Hence, the body launched an umbrella scheme called Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana.

This scheme secures the holistic development of agriculture. Moreover, it secures development in allied services.

This scheme inspires States in the direction to increase public investment in agriculture.

This scheme was implemented as a Central Assistance to State Plan Scheme. In 2015-16, the funding pattern was calculated in the ratio of 60:40 between Centre and State.

The department of agriculture has prepared the guidelines for the RKVY scheme. They named the guidelines as the NATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME.

In the 11th plan, the NDC verified its commitment. They declared to achieve annual growth of 4% in the agriculture sector.

From 1st November 2017, the government has approved the fund in the ongoing scheme.

The scheme was renamed RKVY- RAFTAR.

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Objectives of the program

  • To motivate more investment in agriculture and allied sectors by states.
  • To offer more flexibility and adaptability to states for implementing programs of agriculture.
  • To establish agriculture plans for the states and districts.
  • To increase income return of farmers.
  • To ensure the reduction of yield gap during important crops.
  • To combine agriculture and allied sectors in a unified manner.

Basic features of RKVY

It is a state plan scheme.

  • The state eligibility for RKVY is based on the condition of the state. It is analyzed as per the maintenance and growth of state plan expenditure.
  • The basic expenditure depends upon the average expenditure of the state. However, it is calculated during the three years.
  • The funding pattern is 100% granted by the central government.
  • The scheme should have a state agriculture plan and a district agriculture plan.
  • This scheme provides the stability to all the states.
  • It combines agriculture and allied service.
  • The projects are encouraged with a defined timeline.
  • The states are allowed to explore the combination of RKVY with other schemes.
  • The projects begin by states should get completed on time.
  • List of allied sectors covered under the scheme
  • Agriculture Research and Education
  • Crop Husbandry
  • Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Dairy Development
  • Food storage, and Warehousing
  • Agriculture Marketing
  • Agriculture Financial Institution
  • Corporation and Other Agriculture Programs
  • Water and Soil Conservation

Areas of focus under the RKVY

Promote activities in the cultivation

To develop nursery and cultivation activity for farmers. It includes marketing and sprinkler for irrigation.

Develop food crops, pulses, & minor millets:

  1. To develop certified/HYV seeds for farmers.
  2. To produce breeder seeds and foundation seeds.
  3. To train farmers, etc.

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Support state farms with seeds:

To provide funds in a state farm project. Where they use seeds for both seeds production and research. Yet, giving new land is not permit.
State farms that are employed for seed production and research usage may be given funds in a project mode. It covers aspects such as:

  1. Irrigation development facilities
  2. Land development
  3. Enhancement of technology.
  4. The acquisition of new land is not yet permitted.

Healthy soil and production:

  1. To help farmers to give soil health cards.
  2. To train farmers for promoting organic farming.
  3. To support the state government in strengthening existing fertilizing.
  4. To provide soil testing labs and set up new labs.

Rain-fed farming system development in watershed areas:

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  1. To help below poverty line farmers in developing land.
  2. To support the livelihood of farmers.

Develop market infrastructure:

  1. To support the market by setting up cold storage, go down.
  2. It will include other activities like the cold chain, collection centers, etc.

Promote extension service for infrastructure:

  1. To develop soft skills with new initiatives in farming.
  2. To provide training in farming communities.
  3. To improve the current system of state agriculture.

Establish study tours for farmers:

  1. To place study tours for farmers.

Enhance bio-fertilizer and organic technique:

  1. To help small and marginal village farmers at the village level.
  2. To introduce better technology for better production of crops.

Combine various schemes for pest management:

  1. To train farmers on pest management activities through farm field schools.

Support non-farm activities:

  1. Assist Agri- graduates to set up Agri-business.
  2. To give scheme benefits to land reforms
  3. To improve the income of small and marginal farmers and landowners.
  4. To enhance agriculture area by providing multiple investments.

Innovation of new schemes:

The above list for innovation of agriculture is incomplete. So, the state allows startups to come up with more innovative ideas. This is for the sectors like horticulture, agriculture, etc.

Benefits for farmers provided under this scheme

Organize orientation to Agri-preneurship

Agripreneurs can enjoy this orientation program for two-months. They will be given a stipend amount of Rs. 10,000 monthly. The resourced person will be mentored on technology, financial, and other concerns.

Funding on Agri-preneurs idea

Up to the sum of Rs 5 lakh will be funded. In which 10% is the incubate contribution and 90% grant. But in the case of hilly and northeastern states, the sharing pattern is calculated 90:10. RKVY-RAFTAAR will continue as CSS with a ratio of 60:40. This means the state and the Government of India’s share will be proportional. So, the award will be 100% as the central share for Union Territories.

Funding for seed-stage to R-ABI incubatees

To give a fund of up to Rs. 25 lakh for all R-ABI incubators. The ratio of funding will have a 85%  grant from the government. On the other hand 15% contribution from the incubators. But these incubators must be Indian startups. In R-ABI, they have spent two months. Also, they have a legal entity in India.


The agriculture ministry is giving funds to startups. The RKVY is under the agripreneurship and innovation. Meanwhile, the startup can belong to any industry. Be it digital agriculture, fisheries, dairies, Agroprocessing, etc.


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