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How e-Hospital portal is useful for the patients?

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How e-Hospital portal is useful for the patients?

e-Hospital portal

How e-Hospital portal is useful for the patients?

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The Government of India initiated a new digital India program. They came with an online registration services framework portal called e-Hospital. It is for the country’s people. Through this portal people can take the benefit from the online services of hospitals. The services included in this portal are registration, appointment, fees of payment, etc.

What is an e-hospital?

The e-hospital is a kind of online service through which you can secure your online OPD appointments. You can check reports given by labs. Along with this, you can check blood availability in the hospital.

This portal has reduced the difficulty faced by the person who has to run here and there to secure blood during the hospitalization period.

According to the source report, there were 46 hospitals. They were providing this service by covering 478 departments.

How does e-Hospital Portal Works?

The Online Registration System (ORS) is an online portal laid across various states and UT’s in India. It supports the working of E-Hospital for the people. Through this portal, one can enroll for hospital appointments with Aadhaar Card.

The implementation of ORS helps the hospital to get digitalized via Hospital Management Information System. Moreover, this system will register outpatient departments. It will give appointments to the patients digitally.

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What are the features of the E-Hospital?

Below are the following features of the E-Hospital:

1. Simplified process of appointment:

a) The patients who are registering get a simplified registration process for the appointment.
b) You have to certify yourself by providing the Aadhaar number in the portal. Then select the hospital you have to visit. Choose the hospital department and in the end, select the appointment date.
c) When the required details are fulfilled, you get an SMS notification. It will consist of all the appointment-related information.

2. Reports in the dashboard:

On the dashboard, you can view the detailed list of the total number of hospitals and their departments. Afterward, you can choose the hospital from the hospital list as per your need.

3. Accessing the hospitals easily:

You can easily access this portal to see the slots available in the hospital for the appointments.

4. Old and New Patients:

Through this portal, you can view the appointment list of new and old patients in the hospital.

5. Easy onboarding for hospitals:

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The hospitals can easily access the portal. It will provide patients with appointment slots through online booking.

6. Manage the process of appointment:

This portal helps hospitals to manage the process of registration & appointment. The hospital can monitor both processes simultaneously.

What are the requirements for securing an online appointment?

  • The new patients need an Aadhaar Number before booking an online appointment by using an e-hospital. But it should be linked with the registered mobile number. Meanwhile, the system will receive patients’ information from the e-KYC data of the UIDAI.
  • Suppose there is no linkage between patients’ Aadhaar Numbers and mobile numbers. In that case, the patient’s name on the Aadhaar card must be clear.
  • Further, the portal will verify the patient’s name on the Aadhaar Card.
  • After that, only the patient can put all the next required personal details on the portal.
  • Considering that the patient Aadhaar Card is not available. Under those circumstances, the patient can secure his appointment in the portal.
  • The patient has to put personal details which include Name, Father’s name, mobile number, and so on. It will secure his or her appointment.

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What is the procedure to create an appointment for a new patient?

The E- Hospital portal helps you in appointment booking via online mode. One can book an appointment in different hospitals and its department. Below is the process to make the appointment:

  1. You can use your e-KYC Aadhaar number to book an appointment. It can be used if the mobile number linked with the Aadhaar number is in use. Later it will be verified by UIDAI.
  2. You can fill in the patient’s name if the mobile number of the patient is not registered.
  3. Any new person who is registering first time in the portal will receive its Unique Health Identification (UHID) Number.
  4. If the UHID number and Aadhaar Card are already linked, you can generate a new appointment number. The UHID number given to you will remain the same, it will not get altered.
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