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How to Apply Online for Voter ID Registration?

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How to Apply Online for Voter ID Registration?

Apply Online for Voter ID Registration

How to Apply Online for Voter ID Registration?

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India is a democratic country where people vote and choose their delegates. In this electoral system, voter registration or enrolment is important. People who are eligible to vote should apply online for Voter ID registration.

Those who want all the elector’s services in a single window should visit the website of NVSP. NVSP stands for National Voter Service Portal. It was launched on 25th January 2015 on the occasion of National Voter’s Day by the Late President of India DR. Abdul Kalam.

NVSP is available from the ECI website Go through this website and click on to NVSP link to take advantage of the services.

Today, we’ll tell you about the Online process for Voter Registration.

Benefit of the NVSP

NVSP offers many services. These are as follows:

  • Search your name in Electoral List.
  • For a new registration, apply online in English/Hindi Language.
  • You can apply for correction work online.
  • You can view details such as Assembly Constituency, Pooling Booth, and Parliamentary Constituency.
  • The contact details of the Booth Level Officer, Election Officer, and Electoral Registration Officer.
  • Those who want to attach their Aadhaar and Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) can feed their Aadhaar Number.
Benefit of the NVSP


  • You can get the link to the CEO offices’ websites.
  • Users can watch a short film that is educative on EVM (Electronic Voting Machine).
  • To know the polling process, you can hear audio-visual scripts.
  • A short film with audio and visuals based on the election process is also available
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Can I Apply online for Voter ID card Registration?

Every Indian who is 18 years or more as compared to the qualifying date can apply online for Voter ID card Registration.

The eligibility to apply online for Voter ID card registration is divided into 3 categories:

  1. General Resident Electors
  2. Overseas/NRI Electors
  3. Service Electors

How to Apply Online for Voter ID Card Registration?

For General Resident Electors

For General Resident Electors


  • Go to the Election Commission’s website.
  • From the Menu click on ‘Register to Vote’ to apply online for Voter ID card Registration. You’ll be onboarded on the NVSP website.
  • Hit, “Apply online for registration of new voter”.
  • Form 6 will open. Fill this form and submit it to apply online for Voter ID card Registration.
  • From the language option, choose the language of your choice. (The option includes Oriy, Assamese, Hindi, Konkani, English, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada, Manipuri, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, and Urdu)
  • Choose your Assembly/ Parliamentary Constituency and State.
  • Enter all the details like
    1. Name
    2. Age and DOB
    3. Father’s/Mother’s/Husband’s Name
    4. Birth Place
    5. Address
    6. Contact details and
    7. About those family members who are already enrolled.
  • The next step is uploading supporting documents. These include-
    1. A passport-sized coloured photograph. (Recent)
    2. A scanned copy of residence proof.
    3. A scanned copy of age/identity proof.
  • Enter the date of filling the form. Don’t forget to mention the date.
  • Once completed, click on Submit to apply online for Voter ID card Registration. Save your form in case you haven’t completed it.
  • You’ll get a notification on the number about the selection or rejection of your name in the Electoral Roll.
  • You can view Electoral Rolls on the State’s Chief Electoral’s website.
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For Overseas/NRI Electors

NRI can also apply online for Voter ID card Registration if they don’t have any other country citizenship. Those NRI who are citizens of India must have completed their 18 years on the date of applying.

  • Get Form 6A for NRI voter ID from Election Commission’s website.
  • Hit the National Voter’s Service Portal to apply online for a Voter card.
  • Select ‘Apply online for registration of a new voter’. Form 6A will open, fill it. Choose your language from the given option.
  • To fill the Form 6A, you’ll require these details:-
    1. Fill same as 1-6 from the above mentioned details.
    2. Residence in India
    3. Passport Details
    4. Visa Details
    5. Reason and time of absence from the country
    6. Current residential address outside India
    7. The current address of employment/education
  • You’ll need to present these supporting documents to apply online for Voter ID card Registration:-
    1. Passport-sized color photograph of recent
    2. Authentic pages of your passport that contain your photograph, Indian address, and all other relevant details.
  • Write the place from where you’re filling the form. Mention the date.
  • After filling in all details, submit your form. You can also save it.
  • Present a copy of the form, duly signed. You need to provide the self-attested documents. This document will be presented to the Electoral Registration Officer or the Assistant Electoral Registration Officer.
  • The officer will verify the form. They will contact your family members or neighbour too.
  • You’ll be notified via SMS. Check Electoral Rolls on the website of the state’s Chief Electoral Officer.
Check Electoral Rolls

For Service Electors

A service voter is totally different. They vote under the service category. The list of people who comes under the Service Electors:

  • Central Armed Forces
  • Government workers who are working outside of India
  • State Armed Police Forces (Who serves outside the respective state)
  • Those who are linked with the provisions of the Army Act, of 1950

To apply online for Voter ID card Registration, you should read these points:

  • The website of the Election Commission of India has this form.
  • Government employees working outside India. They can submit applications to the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • The Nodal authority or the office in charge will check the form and sign the verification certificate.
  • After this the form will be sent to the Chief Electoral Officer. The officer will send your form to the District Election Officer. The form will be sent to the NVSP Officer of the same constituency you belong.

Note: Service voters can cast their vote through a proxy or postal ballots. At the polling stations, they don’t need to provide their Voter ID. That’s why Voter ID cards are not given to service voters.

What are the Benefits of Applying Online for Voter ID Card Registration?

Applying online for Voter ID card registration is an easy task. Some benefits are mentioned below:


You don’t have to waste your free time. You’ll get your Voter ID card with ease.

Track your Voter ID status

Like your courier or any ordered item from an e-commerce website, you can track your Voter ID card’s status. You will get regular updates once you submitted the form.

Quick Processing

The online process is much faster than offline.

Why do we Need to Fill Form 6A for Voter Registration?

To get registered or enrolled for Voter ID Card, fill the Form 6. Submit this form to your respective constituency’s Assistant Electoral Registration Officer or Electoral Registration Officer. An applicant needs to mention the place of his/her ordinary residence in this form.

A Final Note!

The right to vote is not just a power, it’s a sentiment. You can elect your leader with the help of this power. It’s a chance for the citizen to bring reforms. I think this blog gives you a glimpse of online applications for voter registration.

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