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Introduction to URJA App

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Introduction to URJA App

Introduction to URJA App

Introduction to URJA App

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Most urban people rely on power to live their daily lives, live around and be safe. It allows community functions like traffic control systems, powering homes, etc. Heating systems like freezers and fridge are dependent on power. The daily basis appliances will stop working if power outage occurs. It can cause breakage in conversation, disrupt water, etc.

To deliver the outage info, the Ministry of Power set up- URJA App. It is an acronym of Urban Jyoti Abhiyaan Mobile App. The app distributes the outage info to power distribution consumers across India. It is provided through email/SMS/push notices. This app enables the power consumers to inform about power outages in their area.

What is the URJA App?

The URJA App is a digital initiative under Digital India program. It provides info for the performance of Distribution Company in IT-enabled towns. This app is envisioned to generate a positive competition within the stake-holders. It supports all active stake-holders to improve performance in all criteria that drive customers.

The app was set up to provide reports regarding the Urban Power distribution. It improves customers’ conversation with the power distribution sector on parameters. These parameters are like the outrage information, addressing complaints, etc.

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Objectives of URJA App

The Government of India introduced the URJA App to-

  • Provide transparency in the Indian power sector.
  • Disseminate information of power outages.
  • Resolve pending complaints.
  • Have data on the number of consumers making e-payment.
  • Gather information on loss of theft/power.

Features of URJA App

The app has two dashboards- one for consumers and other for DISCOM.

Consumer dashboard provides info of urban towns on its monthly performance. The info is provided on the following parameters:

  • Amend consumer complaints
  • Release new connections of service
  • Average duration and number of disruptions faced by users.
  • Link users with their specific DISCOMS web portal.
  • 1912- Customer care number for complaints

The IPDS dashboard empowers DISCOM by providing data for the following:

  1. SCADA progress- Provides the number of commissioned control centers.
  2. Go-Live towns- Specify the IT enabled number of towns.
  3. Feeder monitoring- Provide info on the National Power Portal.
  4. Strengthen Urban system- Affirm the completed number of projects.
  5. IPDS sanctions- Provides the Government sanctioned amount in a specific unit of value for the IPDS projects.

How to use URJA App

The URJA App has four levels in each dashboard, that is-

  • Town level
  • DISCOM level
  • State level
  • National level.

The dashboard includes components that are shown as tiles. Every tile has info on every criterion given within the app. The user can view the detailed info on component tiles. They will need to click on each tile head.

A default mode is used to show the latest month app data. The Consumer can review the available data of the previous month. They will need to select the month to view the data.

The Ministry updates the data every month on the app. It is before the 10th of each month for the previous monthly data.

How to receive outages alerts through the URJA App?

  • Install the URJA mobile app.
  • Register your power account with all the details.
  • Tap on the save button.
  • The respective head will verify your registered account.
  • After confirmation, you will receive outages alerts in your area.

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The URJA App acts as a single platform to get nation-wide power outage status. It enables the customers to get the power outage status in their area. The app is accessible on Apple Store & Google Play Store.

On the app, a customer can refer to the data such as avg. power cuts, pending complaints, etc.


Q1. Can I get alerts on more than one channel?

Yes, you can get alerts on more than one channel. You will need to add your email and mobile number and select channels. After that, you will receive messages via those channels.

Q2. Is it possible to register several people to get messages?

Yes, you can add a maximum of 4 power accounts on the app. You will have to include their email and mobile number. After that, all the registered accounts will receive the outrage message of their area.

Q3. Can I access the URJA app on Google Play Store & iOS Store?

Yes, the app is accessible on both Google Play Store & iOS Store.

Q4. How many levels are there in the URJA App dashboard?

There are 4 levels in the dashboard i.e. Town, DISCOM, State & National level. A customer will have to select one level & then enter the region.

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