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Know Your Employee Provident Fund Balance Online

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Know Your Employee Provident Fund Balance Online

Employee Provident Fund Balance Online

Know Your Employee Provident Fund Balance Online

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Investment is a better version of saving money. It always offers you a return. Investing money helps you accomplish your short-term or long-term goals.

There are many types of investments. For e.g, Growth investment, shares, fixed deposits, etc. Another investment is known as the Employee Provident Fund (EPF).

When you become an earner you want to save at least a small part of your salary. There are better ways to do this than cutting your expenses or limiting your wish list. Try exploring different investment and savings schemes.

EPF helps to build saving habits among the salaried classes. This saving helps in securing your future or retirement.

You need to know your PF balance to plan for your retirement or other future expenses.

You need not rely on your company to get the EPF details. Rather, you can verify it for yourself.

Little More to Know About EPF

In the EPF scheme, the employee and the company subsidize the same amount toward savings. This amount can be used after switching jobs or at the time of retirement.

The interest rate on EPF is 8.1% from (1 October 2021- 31 December 2022). As per the current fiscal, it is expected to be 8%.

EPF scheme


But, the TDS rate for taxable EPF withdrawals for non-PAN-holders is reduced to 20%. It was 30% earlier.

Some of the comprehensive online services of EPF:

  • PF account balance
  • Register Grievance
  • File Transfer Claim
  • Download the PF passbook
  • Other Services
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Points Related to EPF

Here are some points explained by EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation)

  • The money that is deposited in your EPF accounts gives high returns. EPFO asserts the rate of interest every year. It is 8 percent currently.
  • You can get a long-standing pension with the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) 1995.
  • After 5-10 years of service, members of the EPFO can withdraw some amount. This can be drawn for meeting particular needs such as medical treatment, unemployment, etc.
  • If an employee contributes to EPF then he/she is eligible for tax exemption as per Section 80C. Withdrawals are non-taxable if you have served for 5 years continuously.

Checking EPF balance has become easier for employees of a corporation. Check it either online or offline!

Checking EPF balance


You can use EPFO Web Portal or UMANG App to go for the online method. Those who don’t have internet access can check their PF by sending an SMS or giving a missed call.

Use the UMANG App to Check your PF Balance

Go to the UMANG App to check your PF. It offers numerous services that are run by the government on a fixed platform.



For example, you can check the passbook of EPF or boost claims.

Step-by-step Process to Download PF Passbook

Here is the full process of downloading the PF passbook. Follow these steps and download the same.

  • Visit this website.
  • You can view/ generate your PF passbook in case you have your UAN ( Universal Account Number). Enter the UAN number, password, and captcha code.
  • Go to the menu. Select ‘Download’ and ‘Download Passbook’. Download a PDF of the passbook.
  • First-time users follow these steps.
    1. You must have a UAN in order to download the PF passbook. Your employer can provide your UAN.
    2. Click here and you can see the status of UAN,
    3. It is important to activate UAN. To activate it, click here. The members themselves have to create the password UAN to activate it. (Your password should be alphanumeric, have a minimum of 1 special character, and be 8-25 characters long.)
  • Check passbooks that have been linked with UAN.

Check EPF Balance Through SMS

With SMS, you can see your EPF. Register your UAN with EPFO. Send a text message to 773829989. The text message should contain ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG’.

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According to this format, UAN will be your personal UAN and ENG indicates the first three letters of your native. Some supported languages are Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Telegu.


Check EPF Balance via the EPFO Portal

To view your passbook, use the new EPFO portal. You can print them. Go to the ‘Service’ section and select the ‘Member Passbook’ option. Enter your password and UAN.

GST Suvidha Kendra

Check PF Balance Through Missed Calls

Anyone who is registered on the UAN portal can get the information with EPFO. Give a missed call at 011-22901406. You can access this service without paying a cost.

With your registered number, you can give a missed call. The number is 011-229014906.

You will get all information on the last contribution and PF balance if your UAN number is connected with

When you can Withdrawl EPF?

There are two types of withdrawal you can make

1. Complete Withdrawal

One can make a complete withdrawal in case an individual retires. You can withdraw 75% of the total amount if you’re not working for more than 1 month. If the period of unemployment stretches beyond 2 months, one can withdraw the rest 25%.

Complete Withdrawal

2. Partial Withdrawal

Partial withdrawals are allowed only in a few cases. These are mentioned below:

  • Health Emergency
  • Marriage
  • Education
  • Home Loan
  • Purchase of Land/ House
  • Home Loan Repayment
  • House Renovation

Note: The amount you can withdraw in each case is different.

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