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My Money Seva vs GST Suvidha Kendra

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My Money Seva vs GST Suvidha Kendra

My Money Seva vs GST Suvidha Kendra

My Money Seva vs GST Suvidha Kendra

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Seeking a great platform where with a small investment amount you can earn a fair amount of profit? If yes, then don’t worry, here we have the best solution for you, which might be the answer to this question.

Nowadays, there are numerous plans in the market which have different pros and cons but it might be tough for you to choose the best one. As some might have a huge joining fee, few of them have fewer clients, some might have less return and other factors like this.

Here in this article, we shall discuss the two great online companies which can help you earn great revenue with very less investment. Just for making it easy for you, we would compare them and tell you which one is better for you in all aspects.

User-Friendly Website- My Money Seva

This is a company that offers comprehensive payment services for services like bill payments, reservations of buses, domestic and international flights, rails, hotels, tour packages, recharge, payments, and Domestic Money Transfer.

You would be glad to hear that more than 100 employees are working under this company so that they can offer great services to their customers. They have made all the above-mentioned services really easy for you so that you can make your bookings and payment through your phone, Web, SMS and WAP as well.

My Money Seva has services almost everywhere in the nation as their aim is to spread online banking and financial services in every corner of the country.

They have a modern infrastructure and great management team so that they can focus on every detail of the process. Additionally, they are also registered or can say authentic travel agency that presents you with exclusive deals with many airlines be it international or domestic

All the travel products and services on this website are sold by VIVA CARD RETAIL PVT. LTD. And also can be withdrawn without any prior notice. Let us know more about its services in details-

a) Travel- On this website, you can easily book tickets for flights, trains, IRCTS buses, where you would get great deals and discounts. Additionally, the prices are comparability cheaper as they offer you with nice deals on any ticket you book from them.

b) Mobile and DTH recharge- With the help of this portal you can pay your utility bills, do mobile or DTH recharge. There are great deals and benefits if you pay through their website. For example, at times there are festive offers or great deals on a few payments. And if you are their dealer and get the bill paid through them you can earn good commission.

c) Domestic Money Transfer- You get a facility of transferring money from your account to another account without any hassle of going to a bank and standing in the long cue for doing that. If you are a retailer or distributor and transfer money from customers to any other bank account in India anytime, you would get paid for that.

d) Customer Support Team- They have a customer support team that is available round the clock for the customers to help them with their queries and offer them the solution quickly.

Want to join My Money Seva? If yes, then below are some details about becoming a new retailer of My Money Seva-

  • There is no joining or registration fee (as of now), which means that if you join now they would not take any fee from you and you can become their new retailer
  • Another crucial thing you should be aware of is that you can just sell the products or services from their portal only, you cannot do it through any other source
  • There are multiple payment modes that they offer such as credit card, debit card, post-payment facility, bank transfer, etc.
  • You can also earn up to 10% of commission on numerous products and service, which can be great for you being a retailer
  • The good thing is that they provide you with the facility of adding the service fee yourself
  • You being their retailer, they would help you by providing you with the secure and unique login id for you and your employees
  • Additionally, you can also take benefit from the special offers and discounts that they provide frequently give because of festivals or seasonal sale

You can also register yourself as a retailer by calling them, emailing them or filling the form online on their website.

This was about My Money Seva, are you seeking for something bigger than this company, where you can push your boundaries and unleash your talent? If yes, then we have a company for you where you can earn a lot of money by joining them as they believe that if they help you in growing as it helps them grow. We are talking about a great company called GST Suvidhaa Kendra. A company that can provide you with more services and additional benefits plus they would give you a great opportunity to set new benchmarks.

Franchise GST Suvidha Kendra

Looking for a better option? Try GST Suvidha Kendra

With just an investment of a small amount, this company can help you reach millions of users across all the channels and platforms. As the name suggests, this company is all about providing you with ample of benefits and easy accessibility in terms of payment, insurance, recharge, DTH payments, Domestic Remittance Services, Telecom, Travel ticketing and much more.

The founder and Chairman of this well-known brand is Mr. Paresh Rajde, he founded this as he could very well relate to the everyday household problems. That is the reason he made this website so that he could provide a simple and intuitive dashboard that makes day to day activities easier for you.

By joining them you can avail a lot of benefits financially and also they help their people in growing as a person too by helping them whenever required. You can easily avail of an online store running in just a few steps.

Are you excited to know what services they provide so that you become well versed about what you need to sell-

a) Domestic Remittance Services
b) Individual and Business Loan
c) Travel Ticketing
d) General and Life Insurance
e) Mutual fund & other investment products
f) E-Commerce
g) ATM
h) Bank Account Opening
i) Utility Bill Payments
j) Prepaid Gift Card Insurance
k) Recharges
l) Cash Collection and Bank Account Deposits

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This is one website where you would get business and retailers of all scales and sizes with a nationwide reach.

Plus you also get benefit being their distributor a lot, as on any transaction you do, you would get a commission for that. Also, there are special offers for their retailers and distributors at a regular interval, where they get a chance to earn more profits above their commission.

The advantage that distributors have in joining GST Suvidhaa Kendra is that they have a secure and safe transaction process, so you as an agent would not have to worry about any fraudulent activity. Plus they provide you with 24/7 assistance if you have any queries or face any challenge while using the website or doing any type of transaction.

Bottom Line

What should be a suitable choice?

Well, our vote goes to joining GST Suvidhaa Kendra as it can be of great advantage to you.

They would not only help you earn money but also benefit you by giving discounts and offers on various transactions more than expected. GST Suvidhaa Kendra is a company with transparent policies and simple terms and conditions for the distributors which makes it really easy to join them.

They provide so many services that it becomes trouble-free for you as a distributor to sell them as it helps people in avoiding long queues, also they would not have to travel anywhere to pay any bill or book any tickets, plus the transactions are safe and secure. Therefore it becomes simple and convenient for customers which makes it easy for you to sell these services and earn more money.

GST Suvidha Kendra
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