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Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically (SPICe)

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Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically (SPICe)

Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically

Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically (SPICe)

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SPICe means Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically. On 2nd October 2016, the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) introduced it.

The government’s aim is to provide fast incorporation with best practices. It helps incorporate the company with a single form. This form contains the field of Name, New Company, and an application for an allocation of DIN.

It is a broad form through which an application for various items can be made on the fast track. These items are:

  • DIN Allotment
  • Application for PAN/ TAN
  • Reservation of name
  • Incorporation of a company

To know SPICe in depth, know more about it. Let’s start with its feature:


Some Important Features of Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically

  • Rather than ink-signed signatures, DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) and witnesses (max 7+1) in SPICe eAOA and SPICe eMOA are compulsory.
  • To standardise eMOA and eAoA, changes like machine tracking is made by the participant.
  • A stakeholder can raise a ticket if he/ she faces technical issues in using SPICe. The service provider will resolve these tickets within specified timelines.
  • In case of any issues with stakeholders, dedicated e-mail and helpline facilities are available.
  • Apply with a pre-approved name of the company for incorporation.
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What is the Service Provided by Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically

  1. Part A- Name Reservation (New Companies Only)
  2. Part B-
    • Company Incorporation
    • DIN Application
    • TAN Application
    • Application for PAN
    • GSTIN Application
    • Registration for EPFO

Who can file the Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically?

Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically


These types of companies can file the SPICe form

  • Section 8
  • New Company (Others)
  • Part I Company
  • Producer Company

Documents Required for Simplified Proforma for Incorporating the Company Electronically Form ( INC-32)

Simplified Proforma


To fill the SPICe form, you’ll need some documents

  • You’ll need a declaration and affidavit by the first subscriber(s) and director(s). This is mandatory in all cases.
  • Identity Proof and local address of directors.
  • It is obligatory to add the certificate/ application of trademark registration in these cases:
  • The name is based on a registered trademark.
  • The subject of an application awaiting registration under the Trade Marks Act
  • NOC from the business owner/ partners/ other associates of the existing company.
  • Identity Proof and residential address of the subscribers.
  • Proof of Office Address.
  • Copies of utility bills of recent (Not older than 2 months).
  • There is a need for Central Government’s ‘Green Light’ in case the suggested name encloses any words that demand approval.
  • Articles of Association

This will be valid only in the case of Section 8* company or foreign subscribers company not having DIN*.

  • Memorandum of Association

Imperative only in the state of Section 8 companies or companies with foreign subscribers that don’t have DIN.

*8 Company: A company that is registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO)
*DIN: Director Identification Number

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How to Access the Service?

Section 8 companies


  • Click The New User Registration page will appear.
  • In the ‘User Details’ section, enter details about your role.
    1. You can access the basic e-services of MCA if you’re a registered user. All users of this section already have a ‘Password-based’ login.
    2. Users have a ‘DSC’ ( Digital Signature Certificate) based login in this category. This section consists of practising members of ICSI/ICAI/ICWAI, individuals associated with companies, and Directors.

The Business User category contains these rules:

    1. Director
    2. Practising Professional
    3. Secretary/Authorised Representative/Manager
    4. Company User-others
  • Write your personal information.
  • In The Business User category,
    1. Type your approved DIN number.
    2. Enter your Income Tax PAN.
  • Feed your personal data in the given space.
    1. The First Name field is for the applicant’s first name.
    2. In the Middle Name section, type your middle name.
    3. The Last Name field is given for your surname.
    4. Enter your DOB. To enter your date of birth, click the calendar icon associated with the Date of Birth field. Choose the right date.
    5. Fill the Gender option.
  • Enter your address details. MCA uses this address for correspondence purposes.
    1. Specify your address.
    2. Enter your city in the City field.
    3. Choose your country. Once you choose the country, the State field will be activated.
    4. From the State drop-down list, select your state.
    5. Enter Postal Index Number.
    6. Next is the telephone number. In the option, “Whether you wish to avail SMS alert facility option” list, choose the Yes option. You will receive an SMS. This SMS is about efilings. Write your mobile number.
    7. Enter your Fax number.
    8. Enter your email ID.
    9. Write your email ID in the given field.
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