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Special initiative of Yogi Government: Workers get cheaper shops, shelter and GST exemption

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Special initiative of Yogi Government: Workers get cheaper shops, shelter and GST exemption

GST exemption

Special initiative of Yogi Government: Workers get cheaper shops, shelter and GST exemption

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The Yogi government has started efforts on a war footing for migrant workers, laborers returning to Uttar Pradesh from other states due to the lockdown. It is the effort of the government that such a large number of workforce returning home should be given employment in UP so that the state can benefit from their skill in its development.

In this sequence, the government is preparing skill mapping of all, so that they can be given work according to experience. At the same time, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has started a new initiative. He has instructed officers to provide cheap shops to workers and workers. The government will give discounts on GST and maps, along with giving them cheap bargains. Not only this, but they will also get all the basic facilities from the government.

This step of the government is considered important for the help of workers and workers. In fact, in the team-11 meeting on Tuesday, CM Yogi took many decisions regarding the formation of the Workers / Workers (Employment and Employment) Welfare Commission and its responsibilities. Officers said that till now the skill mapping work of 16 lakh workers and workers has been completed. Workers and workers will be given shops, shelter, at a cheaper rate for employment/jobs. Not only this, but the government will also provide all facilities including electricity, water, sewer to the building. These workers will also get exemption in FAR on the map.

The priority of the government will be to provide employment/jobs to these workers through the Skilling Office at the district level itself. At the same time, the state-level committee of the state government will help in getting employment/jobs outside the district. Along with this, the government will provide help in a residential facility for those working in employment/jobs outside the district and district.

In view of this, the Yogi government has embarked on a war footing in the plan to build a large number of cheap and better dormitories and cheaper and better shops for the laborers. Government buildings and government land will also be identified for dormitories and shops.

At the same time, the government will also play a major role in providing help from the bank to those who start their own employment.

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