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Swachhata App: Let’s Know How this App works?

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Swachhata App: Let’s Know How this App works?

Swachhata App Featured

Swachhata App: Let’s Know How this App works?

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There is a famous saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Cleanliness has great importance in the life of every human being. That’s why the present government is investing so much time and money to make each and every city in India clean.

Sanitation and cleanliness is the biggest issue for a country like India where about 139 crores (2021) people are living. This issue can’t be left alone for the government to resolve. We should also participate in the practice of sanitation. In the long run, it is our responsibility to keep the city clean.

The Swachhata App plays a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness. With the help of this app, we can raise our voices against pollution, cleanliness, and sanitation around us in real-time.

To know the functioning of the Swachhata App, how it works, and what is the benefits of this app, read this blog.

About Swachhata App

The Swachhata app is a complaint redressal mobile app of the fourth generation. This app is a discontinuous change in how the Municipal Corporation is correcting charges and grievances. The mission of the Swachhata app is to make India clean. Anyone can effortlessly use this app as it is user-friendly. This app is for all the Indian cities and 4041 towns.

The government introduced Swachta Bharat Mission in the year 2014. The aim of Swachhata Abhiyan is to reduce open defecation. The government launched the Swachhata app on 24 December 2020.

Sukhad Yatra App’, an efficient initiative by the Indian Government is widely acclaimed. This app has not only benefited Indian citizens but also has opened doors for the travel and tourism sector.

Swachhata Aapp Deals With…

  • Tracking real-time sanitation coverage in percentage.
  • The list of payees in each village.
  • The number of those villages that are open defecation-free.

Some Quick Points Related to Swachhata App

  • The Swachhata app was introduced by the Ministry of Housing and Affairs (MoHUA). This app was built to address rural and urban cleanliness problems.
  • It is estimated, 2,30,000 complainee use this app in a month. Around 2,10,000 complaints are redressed per month.
Swachhata App


  • A Bengaluru-based non-profit organisation created this application. This organisation is “IChangeMyCity” -a part of Janaagraha.
  • Since the app is user-friendly, all you have to do is click the photograph and upload it on the app.
  • Cities are judged based on the criteria of the Swachhata App to be ranked in the “Swachh Survekshan”.

How does the System Work?

This app aims to add large-scale citizens. It works on the participation of citizens in the practice of sanitation. Swachhata App monitors the activity and resolves issues. For example, it works on civic problems like garbage dumps.

All the issues from this app are passed to the official of the city corporation. After this, the sanitary inspector of the particular ward is responsible for the issues.

Swachhata App strengthens the voices of citizens. It helps in building associates who later stay and are committed to the Swachh Bharat movement.

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From Filing to Resolving, the Whole Process for Complaining to the System

1. Citizen Application

This app is very easy to use. It is available on Android and iOS. Citizens can file complaints about garbage and trash along with the photograph on this app.

2. The Engineer Application

This application is for sanitary engineers/ inspectors. Engineers can keep an eye on the complaints and take action on that ground.

3. Municipal Administration Website

The digital team of the Municipal Administration and the Commissioners use this app. It monitors the complaints received related to their cities and towns.

4. Ranking and Rating Website

Based on the resolution rates, this website provides ratings for all the cities registered on the Swachhata platform. This website is open to all citizens. This app provides a breakdown of the performance of each ward of the city.

  • After citizens posts complaints on the citizen app, sanitary inspectors pay attention to the issue. Once the issues get resolved, the photograph is uploaded for the citizen to provide feedback.
  • Action may vary depending upon the categories. For most complaints, action will be initiated within 6 hours of registration.

The categories for action and the time given for the action

categories for action

The Mission of Swachhata App

  • The Swachhata App’s mission is to accelerate the efforts to achieve universal sanitation coverage.
  • It focuses on sanitation.

Benefits of Swachhata App

  • With the help of this app, citizens will get routine updates. They get updates in the form of push notifications. They can check their complaint status.
  • The users get a notification as soon as the complaint is resolved. The system will upload images on the app for clarification.
  • This app uses pictures’ geo-location to find the location of the complaint.
  • If citizens are not pleased with the resolution they can ask the officials to reopen the complaint.
  • Users can vote for complaints whether is uploaded by friends or neighbour.

Issues Cover Under the Swachhata App

  • Related to Garbage: If garbage is not dumped properly then you can complain in the Swachhata App.
  • Related to Dustbins: The Swachhata App focuses on the issues related to dustbins. If dustbins are not cleaned, you can complain in this app.
  • Related to Garbage Vehicle: If the garbage vehicle does not arrive, Swachhata App will resolve the issue.
Issues Cover Under the Swachhata App


  • Related to Sweeping: If the sweeping is not done, you can complain in the Swachhata App.
  • Related to Dead and Decayed Animals: You can notify in the Swachhata App if the body of dead animals is lying on public routes.
  • Related to Toilets: You can complain in the Swachhata App if the public toilets are not cleaned in your society. This app covers issues related to the blockage of toilets.
  • Related to Water Supply: Water supply in toilets is very important. If there is no water supply in public toilets or if it is disconnected, you can file your complaint on the Swachhata App.Related to Electricity: If users are facing power-cut in public washrooms, you can complain via the Swachhata App.
GST Suvidha Kendra

How to Use Swachhata App?

You can download Swachhata App on your mobile phone to use it. You can use it to file complaints. You don’t need to care about the process. It is very simple. Take the picture of the ground about which you want to complain and upload it on the app.

How to Access Swachhata App?

To access Swachhata App, you need to install it. You can access Swachhata App on Android devices as well as iOS.

Access Swachhata App

Swachhata App on Android

  • Visit the Play Store app on your smartphone. Install the Swachhata App from there.
  • First of all, select your language.
  • Enter your 10-digit mobile number.
  • Choose click, upload, and share.
  • Click on the icon.
  • Grant required permissions.
  • Add a photograph.
  • Now, you’ll become an active citizen.

Swachhata App on iOS

  • Go to the App Store. Load the Swachhata App from there.
  • The process is the same in iOS as compared to smartphones.

Some Other Initiatives Related to Cleanliness

To encourage cleanliness among citizens, many organisations have taken a lot of initiatives. The government promoted many programmes that were introduced for waste management. Some of the initiatives are:

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1. Clean Noida, Green Champions

People are less aware of waste management techniques in India. As a result, this programme was introduced to teach people about Solid Waste Management (SWM).

Green Champions


Clean Noida, Green Champions is an initiative by HCL to encourage cleanliness in Noida city. It was a four-week test-learning programme in which 120 people participated. This programme was organised at the time of COVID-19. It helps many people to segregate waste in their homes.

2. Clean India, Green India Tourism

Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, a slogan was given Clean India, Green India. This mission’s aim is for a hygienic and clean India. By practising this slogan and the initiative behind it, we can increase the chances of visitors coming from other countries.

3. Green Clean India

Green Clean India is a private organisation that plays a great role in starting a dialogue across the country to clean the environment. Some of the services provided by this app are

  • Waste management
  • Horticulture and gardening solutions
  • Water recycling and conservation

This website not only educates citizens but also provides vendors for many services. These services include food waste, e-waste management, waste recycling, etc.

Green Clean India


It is an amazing platform for RWA (Resident Welfare Association). It helps RWAs to share their experience. It trains people to manage their society in a proper way.

Some FAQs

Why is Swachhata crucial?

Cleanliness is a part of healthy life. A healthy society always practices cleanliness. Introducing cleanliness into our daily routine is crucial for all of us.

How to use Swachhata App?

Users can download Swachhata App to use it. They need to take photographs of the complaint and upload them on the Swachhata App.

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