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What is FASTag for Electronic Toll Collection?

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What is FASTag for Electronic Toll Collection?

Electronic Toll Collection

What is FASTag for Electronic Toll Collection?

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With rapid and innovative digitalization, the Indian economy is experiencing significant change. However, this change has taken place in our lives & prompted us to become more efficient and comfortable. Along with this, people with ordinary jobs are able to pay taxes quickly. It has made everyday chores quick, easy and convenient across all sectors. This advancement is now acknowledged onto the roads.

The National Authority of India has implemented the application of FASTag technology. Till today, there are approx 615 toll plazas across the national highways of the country. In those plazas, the FASTag has been executed.

The Government’s main goal is to accomplish a 100% cashless model for toll collection via FASTag. Further, it is mandated to have FASTag for all vehicles.

What is Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)?

Electronic Toll Collection is the method to collect toll payment on highways in electronic form. It doesn’t need the intervention of humans. The system of ETC uses vehicle-to-roadside connection technologies to perform money transactions in an electronic way. It is between the toll collection agency and a vehicle.

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What is FASTag?

FASTag is a device that is used to make direct toll payments. It consists of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The payment can be made from the savings or prepay account connected to it.

The FASTag is attached to your vehicle windscreen so that you can easily drive through the toll plaza. You will not be stopped for any cash deals.

The Tag issuers can make you purchase the tag. But for that, you will need to link to a prepaid account. This will enable you to top up/ recharge the tag as per your need.

What are the benefits of using FASTag?

Faster transit: The FASTag enables faster auto-debit transactions of the exact amount through the toll plazas. It will aid you to save time and cross the toll without any obstacles.

Cashless payment: The users of FASTag don’t need to carry cash for the transactions. You can make cashless transactions to cross the toll.

SMS alert: You will get instant SMS alerts for low balance, toll transactions, etc. It will be on the mobile number registered to the issuing bank.

Online recharge: The recharge of your FASTag can be done through an online medium. You can use a Debit card/ credit card/ Net banking/ RTGS or NEFT to make FASTag recharge.

How can I buy FASTag?

You can buy FASTag from the below-mentioned ways:


  • Visit any bank that offers the facility of Fastag.
  • Apply for the FASTag by completing the application form.
  • Then, submit the form with the required documents to the concerned officer.
  • Give the payment of the FASTag to the bank, and it will get delivered in a few days to the given address.


  • From the MYFASTag app, you can apply for the FASTag.
  • On the portal, upload the requested and required documents.
  • Make the online FASTag payment, and it will be later delivered to the given address in a few days.


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  • Visit any Point of Sale (POS) terminals located at different toll plazas.
  • Don’t forget to get all the necessary original & copies of the documents. You will need them at the time of FASTag application verification.
  • The distribution agency will further verify your documents closely. It will get verified before the approval of the application.
  • After your FASTag registration of a vehicle, a concerned agent from the distributive agency will affix the FASTag. It will be on your vehicle’s windshield.

The validity of the FASTag is unlimited. You can use the tag until it does not tamper or it is readable by the reader. In case of reading quality depreciation, you can reach out to the distributive bank.

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What are the charges for FASTag?

The bank that is issuing the FASTag can charge a minimum of Rs 200/- for each tag. But, the charges of issues may vary and are set by the distributing bank.

Attachment of FASTags for all the 4 wheel Motor Vehicles sold after 1st December 2017

The Ministry of Road & Highway had issued a notification for all the four-wheel vehicle people. The announcement stated that the automobile bought on or later 1st December 2017 will have FASTags adhere to them. The certified dealer or manufacturer of the vehicle will have to affix the tag. If the vehicle gets sold as delivery by a driver without a windbreak, then the owner has to affix the tag before registration.

From 1st April 2021, it was mandated that a valid FASTag is necessary to get in a 3rd party Insurance. You will require FORM 51 Amendment (certificate of insurance) wherein the FASTag ID details will be acquired.

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