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What is GATIDHARA scheme for self-employment

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What is GATIDHARA scheme for self-employment

GATIDHARA scheme for self-employment

What is GATIDHARA scheme for self-employment

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One of the major social concerns that is evoking India is Unemployment. It sharply increased due to the wide gap between labour supply and labour absorption between 2012-18.

The non-agriculture sectors were not able to manage the growing supply of young adults who were capable job applicants. These sectors were the IT, construction, industry, etc.

The West Bengal Government explored the unemployment situation in their state. They came up with a scheme in August 2014 called “GATIDHARA SCHEME”. The aim of the scheme was to drive employment via the transport sector. This scheme was for unemployed youth of rural and urban areas.


Let’s read all about this scheme.

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What is GATIDHARA Scheme?

It is a state Scheme under which the families with a less or Rs. 25,000/- monthly income are provided monetary support. This will enable the generation of self-employment among urban and rural areas of the state.

What are the features of the scheme?

The Gatidhara scheme provides financial help to the citizens of West Bengal. It is in the way of a loan that is sanctioned via all the

  • Gramin Banks,
  • Co-operative Banks, and
  • Nationalized Banks.

Beneath the scheme, the maximum limit to purchase small and medium vehicles is of Rs.10,00,000.

Pattern of Funding

The applicant gets a subsidy of 30% as a financial relief from the State Government. This subsidy is limited to Rs.1,00,000 as the project cost.

The bank sanctions a term loan to business owners. This loan is 65% on the project cost.

The applicant gives the remaining 5% share on the project cost.

About The Loan

The loan will be allocated within 15 days from the subsidy receipt and entrepreneur contribution. On the other hand, the interest rate will be as per the similar scheme set up by the West Bengal Government. The loan repayment period will be of 5 to 7 years.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

The GATIDHARA Scheme is the most successful scheme in West Bengal. It has enabled all the unemployed youth to get a job for easy living. The benefits of the this scheme are as follows-

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  • Unemployed youths can buy vehicles commercially. They can make their living in a dedicated and easy way.
  • The West Bengal Government will give an allowance of up to 30%. It will be on the total cost to purchase commercial vehicles.
  • The youth will be liable to acquire the rest of the capital from the bank. They can take it as a loan to purchase a commercial vehicle.
  • There is no time set to repay the bank loan. It depends on the capital amount received.

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What is the eligible criteria for the scheme?

The eligible criteria for the GATIDHARA Scheme are as follows-

  • Applicants must be residing in West Bengal.
  • The age limit is between 25 to 45 years.
  • 5 years of relaxation is given to ST/SC citizens of the state. In addition, 3 years of relation is given to OBC category citizens.
  • Family income should be up to Rs.25,000 per month.
  • Only one member of the family is allowed to avail the scheme.
  • The scheme beneficiary must have a verified commercial driving license.
  • If any applicant has availed a loan in any other scheme, he/she will not be eligible for this scheme.
  • The candidate is liable for the scheme, if they have taken benefits from Yuvashree Yojana.

Which documents are required for the application?

You will need the following documents while submitting the application for GATIDHARA scheme:

  • Unemployment certificate
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving license
  • Domicile certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Project report
  • Passport size photo
  • Affidavit. It should be as per the mentioned format.

How can you apply for the scheme?

You can follow the below procedure to apply for the scheme:

  • Download the application form of GATIDHARA scheme.
  • Duly fill up the form requirements.
  • Attach all the documents mentioned above.
  • Comply the form to the sub-divisional officer (SDO).


Any applicant residing in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation area can apply for the scheme. He/She will submit the application form to the Joint Director of Employment Kolkata district office.


Till now around 2.2 lakh youths are enrolled in GATIDHARA scheme. It has provided employment to unemployed youth & raised their standard of living. If you reside in West Bengal, you can avail of the scheme with the above mentioned process.

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