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What is Kisan Suvidha App?

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What is Kisan Suvidha App?

Kisan Suvidha App

What is Kisan Suvidha App?

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The department of agriculture and cooperation developed a smart mobile app for farmers. This app is called the “Kisan suvidha app”. It provides quick and appropriate information regarding farming to farmers. In addition to this, the app is also available in many Indian languages.

The app provides a common space to get all the information relevant to farmers. It also includes all the services and latest schemes provided by state and central government.

Features of the mobile app

The following features are available on the Kisan Suvidha app:

  • Weather: Click the “weather” button, to receive the weather forecast for the day. Along with this, the farmers will get the report of their district for another five days.

Additionally, they can make the required preparation for farming. The weather report will include uncertainties of climate and the occurrence of rainfall. Also, the app will inform the farmer about extreme alerts in the district.

  • Dealers: Under the “dealers” tab, the farmers will get all the information about the dealers. These dealers will trade their seeds, farm machinery, pesticides, and fertilizers. The farmers can directly call the dealer to get all the information for the same.
  • Market price: The third option on the app consists of the “market price”. Here, the farmer gets all the information related to crop rates in different mandis. The app will help the farmer to get a profitable solution for their crops.
  • Plant protection: In the fourth place, the app has a “plant protection” option. Here the farmer gets the information related to the maintenance of their crop. The crop will include rice, mustard, soybean, and wheat. The app will also give information related to the protection of crops from diseases.
  • Upload a photo: The farmers can upload the photo of their crop if it is not growing well. The agriculture scientist will view the video on the app. They will give appropriate advice to the farmer for the same.

For this facility, the farmers have to select the option ‘upload picture’. Here they can upload three clear pictures of their crop from different directions.

Also, they will be asked to fill in all the information regarding the damage or infection intensity of the crop. Then click the “Save” button. All the details will be sent to the expert for examination.

  • After analyzing the problem, the experts will give their advice through SMS. After receiving this, the farmer can click on the ‘Envelope” icon to keep their crops safe.
  • Agro Advisers: The fifth option on the app is “ Agro Advisers”. While clicking on it, the farmers get all the information and advice regarding agriculture. The advice will include precautions for sowing the seeds to harvesting the crops.
  • Contact KCC: The “Contact Kisan call Kendra (KCC)” option will help farmers to talk directly to advisors. As many farmers are not aware of the toll-free number available on the website. Thus, an option has been created on the app to get all the advice related to their problems.

Franchise GST Suvidha Kendra

The Kisan Call Kendra toll-free number is 1800-180-1551.

  • Soil Health Card: The next option on the app is the “Soil Health Card”. It will provide all the information regarding minerals available in the particular farm or land. The farmers are also informed about the proper use of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Cold storage and godowns: Here, the farmers will get all the information about cold storage and warehouse available in their respective districts. It will include the manager’s name, address, the capacity of the store, phone number, etc.

How to use Kisan Suvidha App

The Kisan Suvidha App is designed with simple and user-friendly features for farmers

  • The installation of the app is done through the Android or iOS store.
  • After installation, you can register yourself after choosing the desired language.
  • Then, you will fill in all the required details from the drop-down menu. It will include the name, mobile number, state, district, and block of a farmer.
  • After filling, click on the “Registration” button.
  • Furthermore, the app asks you to open your location and camera so that it could provide information based on the location.

You are all set to use your Kisan Suvidha App!!

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