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What is Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme?

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What is Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme?

Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme

What is Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme?

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On 28th March 2022, Mr. Mundra (former MP in Lok Sabha) introduced The Constitution (Schedule Tribe) Order 2022 (Amendment Bill). He requested the Lower house to include the Darlong community- a sub tribe of “Kuki” in SCs list of Tripura. The bill was passed by LOK SABHA on 1st April 2022 and by RAJYA SABHA on 6th April 2022.

Similarly, there are many instances where the MPs have proposed various bills in Parliament for Indian citizens’ development.

The Government of India planned various schemes to fulfill the needs & requests of the Indian citizen. One of those schemes is “Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).” It came into action on 23 December 1993.

It is completely funded by the Government Of India. This scheme is directed with a set of guidelines issued by the responsible Nodal Ministry. This Nodal Ministry is “The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation.” The duties of this ministry are-

  1. Form policies
  2. Release fund &
  3. Establish mechanisms to monitor the facilities.

What is the objective of MPLADS?

The objective of the MPLADS is to-

Allow MPs to provide suggestion and execution of developmental work based on needs of local people. They should give priority to asset development with enduring benefits.

There are some enduring assets that are created on the basis of national priorities. They are-

  1. Sanitation
  2. Primary Education
  3. Drinking Water
  4. Roads,
  5. Public Health, etc

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What are the responsibilities of MPs under the MPLADS?

The responsibilities of MPs under this scheme are as follows-

  1. Members of Lok Sabha can suggest work within their constituencies.
  2. Elected Rajya Sabha members can suggest work inside their state.
  3. Both members of Rajya and Lok Sabha can suggest work around the nation.
  4. A Member of Parliament can select the Nodal district as per his/her choice.
  5. The Member of Parliament can choose any one district. It will be in the case of Lok Sabha constituency with more than one district.
  6. The approved members of Rajya and Lok Sabha can select any district across the nation as Nodal District.

Which committee is formed for MPLADS?

The committee of MPLADS, Lok Sabha, is formed as a specific purpose committee. It was first formed by then speaker-” Mr. G M C Balayogi” of Lok Sabha on 22 February 1999. The committee had 20 members at the beginning. Later, it was raised to 24 members.

The role of the committee is to-

  1. Supervise and analyze the problems and performance of scheme application.
  2. Acknowledge Lok Sabha members regarding the scheme.
  3. Perform other functions assigned by Lok Sabha speaker in regard to MPLAD scheme.

The working areas of the committee are-

  1. Consider suggestions of the MPs related to the MPLAD scheme guidelines.
  2. Amend the provisions of scheme guidelines.
  3. Remove obstacles in the procedure of scheme application.
  4. Take complaints of MPs regarding the difficulties faced during scheme application.
  5. Visit the work or development made under MPLADs.
  6. Identify numerous problems during work application of MPLADs.
  7. Prepare original reports on numerous MPLADs subject selected by the committee.

Who administers the MPLAD Scheme?

Initially, the Ministry of Rural Development administered the scheme. Later, in October 1994, it was relocated to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

  • At Center Level, the MSPI administers the scheme. It prepares scheme guidelines and improves them periodically.
  • At State Level, one Nodal department is defined for each Union Territory and State. In addition, this department coordinates with the central Ministry for the effective application of the Scheme.
  • At Ground Level, the head of the District is responsible to
    1. Implement the MPLAD Scheme.
    2. Receive the fund from the centre.
    3. Approve & execute the work suggested by MPs.
    4. Ensure maintenance of the developed asset.

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What is the status of Implementation?

  1. Due to the negative impact of COVID-19 on the Indian citizen, a meeting was held on 6th April 2020. In that meeting it was decided to layoff MPLADS for the FY of 2020-21 & 2021-22. The residue finance was transferred to the Ministry of Finance to manage the COVID-19 impact.
  2. On 10th November 2021, the Union Cabinet decided to restart the MPLAD Scheme work at the time of FY 2021-22. In addition, they will continue the work for upto FY 2025-26.
  3. The Ministry has provided funds for the FY 2021-22 under MPLAD scheme. It is at the rate of Rs. 2 Crore per Parliament Member.
  4. For FY 2022-23, the fund will be of Rs. 5 Crore per annum & per Parliament member.
  5. For FY 2025-26, the fund will be Rs 2.5 crore. It will be provided in two parts.
  6. Till 13th April 2022, the Government of India has released Rs. 1,221.39 cr. total fund. The MPLAD scheme has completed 17,173 works.

MPLAD Scheme

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How can the MPLADS fund be utilized?

The MPLADS fund can be utilized in the following things-

  • Purchase tricycle, artificial limbs and wheeler chair for disabled persons. The tricycle and wheeler can be
    1. Manual,
    2. Motorized or
    3. Battery operated.
  • Buy books of up to Rs. 22 Lakh for schools, colleges and public libraries. These books will belong to the
    1. State,
    2. Local-self,
    3. Union and
    4. Central Government.
  • Purchase computers for the Government allowance and academic institutions aided by the Government.
  • Purchase and install Visual Display Unit. It is for the Government allowance and academic institutions aided by the Government.
  • Remove non-functioning hand-pumps with reusable parts and perform new borings.
  • Set up MPLADs facility center at Nodal District.
  • Construct Railway Halt station to provide board and deboard facility for the local community.
  • Install rainwater harvesting at public places and Government buildings under MPLAD scheme.
  • MPs can recommend scheme funds for the development of academic institutions. The MPs will only recommend those academic institutions that do not charge any commercial fees.
  • MPs can recommend scheme funds for the construction of Bar Association. It can be at
    1. Tehsil,
    2. District &
    3. Sub-Division level.
  • MPs can recommend installing weighing scale machines at village level. This machine will be used in the production of horticulture and agriculture.
  • MPs can recommend places to install CCTV cameras around the nation for security purposes.

NOTE: MPs are Members of Parliament.


The MPLAD scheme was formed by the Government of India. It enables the MPs to suggest development work in their constituencies. Yet, the development should be in regard to create a reliable community assets as per local people’s needs.

This scheme has fulfilled the needs of people during the time of coronavirus. The MPLADS fund was utilized to purchase kits for covid-19 testing, personal protection items, etc.

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