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What is the Rehabilitation of Bonded Labourer scheme of the central sector?

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What is the Rehabilitation of Bonded Labourer scheme of the central sector?

Rehabilitation of Bonded Labourer scheme

What is the Rehabilitation of Bonded Labourer scheme of the central sector?

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Bonded labour is defined as one of the labour for the repayment of the debts. It is for the unknown service & an unspecific period of time. In the year 1976, the GOI passed the abolition act for the bonded labour system.

The act includes outlaw of bonded labour. Along with releasing trapped persons & cancelling agreements covered in the act. Till now, bonded Labour is carried due to down economic & social injustice.

The government of India revised the scheme for the improvement of bonded labour in May 2016. This scheme provides adequate financial help to the labours. Also, the difference in scheme framework ensures that it is more than a powerless person. It is for the Indians of approx 18 million bounded in bonded labour.

Evolution of the scheme

  • In 1975, the bonded labour issue came into the national priority list. It was in the old 20-point programme form.
  • On 25th October 1975, the rules for cancelling the bonded labour system was issued.
  • In 1965, the rules were replaced by the bonded labour system act of abolition.
  • The act provides the liquidation of labours debt likewise the bonded labour system abolition.
  • The union government footed in to help the state government in the rehabilitation task.
  • Thus, bonded labour & employment ministry launched the centrally sponsored scheme.
  • In May 1978, It was launched for the recovery of bonded labourers.
  • In the beginning, the scheme for improvement provides the help of a top limit. It is of RS.4000/- per bonded labour. The share was equally divided between state & central government on a 50-50 basis.
  • On 1st of April 1995, this amount was raised to Rs. 10,000/- per bonded labour. Expect this RS. 1000/- was given as a support allowance. It is to the origin state for resettling released bonded labour. Since 1.4.1999, the rehabilitation help was increased to RS 20,000/-.
  • In May 2000, the survey component, activities to generate awareness, were covered in the last revision of the scheme. Also, in the existing scheme, these were the extra items included.

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Revised scheme guidelines

In the state & UT’s the vigilance committee is constituted. It is for the confirmation, release & improvement of bonded labour. In the bonded labour system act, under section 14, the function of the vigilance committee is provided.

a) Below are the guidelines of the scheme:

  • This is a revised scheme of the central sector.
  • The state government contribution is not needed for financial improvement.
  • From Rs. 20,000/- to one lakh, the financial help has been raised.
  • It will be per adult male owner of the scheme.
  • For special category payees RS. 2 Lakh will be given.
  • The above category includes other forms of child labour, children from orphans and women.
  • Rs. 3 Lakh will be granted for extreme lowered bonded labour.
  • The amount of Rs. 4.50 Lakh will be given per district for the survey of bonded labours.
  • In each state at the district level, the scheme is implanted with a recovery fund of at least 10 lakh.
  • It is for providing immediate help to the released bonded labourers. Along with the removal of the district magistrate.
  • Immediate help of at least RS 5000/- will be provided to a rescued person by the district authority.
  • Under this scheme, every bonded labour is included along with children.
  • For migrant bonded labour, it is the duty of the state government to take care of their requirements.

b) The state government will create plans for the restoration of their desired native place.

  • For the other lands & housing elements, the above benefits would be added to the original scheme. Below are the scheme benefits:
  • Development of land,
  • Required Low-cost dwelling unit,
  • Allotment of agriculture land & housing site,
  • The Smallest wage enforcement, employment for wages, etc.,
  • Poultry, dairy, animal husbandry, etc,
  • Processing & collection of minor forest products,
  • Provide necessary commodities under the target public distribution system,
  • Providing education for bonding children

c) All the UT’s & state governments will be required to focus on the following activities:

  • In an intersection process, the district authority will take measures. It will be for providing a secure & safe environment. Further, it will be in coordination will all the suitable departments of government. The measures will build capacity for bonded child labourers.
  • The state government will take support & finance for the marriage of female freed bonded labourers.
  • The state will manage all needs of disabled persons with special care as per national policy.
  • For adult bonded labourers, the skill training for employment shall be provided. It will be a compulsory part of an improvement in bonded labours.

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Implementation & monitoring of the scheme

  • The central monitoring committee will carry out the application & monitoring of the scheme.
  • The committee is set beneath the guidance of the scheme of the national child labour project.
  • At the state level too, the same committee will be responsible for implementing the BLR scheme.
  • At the district & sub-district level, the central monitoring committee is constituted. It will be responsible for the execution of the scheme. The committee will even be aided by the vigilance committee.
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